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Rock On!

Well, yesterday afternoon, without a map and trusting that since we went to Brighton last summer and it was all nicely signposted we'd have no problem navigating it again, me and The Bro set off to see The Darkness.

The Bro managed to organise himself enough to make sure he was wearing an appropriate t-shirt and he had his wallet. I managed to pack (in an A5 size bag no less) my purse, sun glasses, car keys, house keys, mints, mp3 player and tissues. I brought tissues for goodness sake and neither of us had a cold - I am 50% the way there to being my mother. If I'd brought plasters as well then I would have been done for.

Fortunately, Brighton was as easy to navigate as I remember and we found the same car park we used when we went to the Doctor Who exhibition. Which, oddly enough was right behind the Brighton Centre - handy really since we didn't actually know where it was.

After lunch in a nearby (and rather posh) Wetherspoons we started the long process of queuing. Since I'm rather vertically challenged we always try and get near the front, but it does mean a long wait. 2 hrs to be precise. Thanks to Orange World games though we spent most of the time playing Sonic the Hedgehog and about 30 secs admiring the sea view.

The Brighton Centre is relatively small inside, and even though we stopped so The Bro could buy a t-shirt, we managed to get to the front. Go us. We managed that at Wembley as well so now we're 2 for 2 with Darkness concerts. The support band were as camp as a row of tents, but they were fun. Whilst waiting for the guys themselves I text my friend Alex and found out that her friend Tracey had helped design the set for the show - The Bro was suitably impressed.

The show started with 'Knockers' and Justin rising into the air on a giant pair of breasts. Apparently he was supposed to fly over the audience in them but they were told if they did so, he would bring down the house. Literally. As usual, they didn't scrimp with the pyros (all supplied by AllTenFingers Pyro Crew) - flames, fireworks, sparkling rain as well as a full size organ that blew smoke out. Darkness concerts are nothing if not exciting. They played a good mixture of new and old songs.

Justin got the whole crowd to wave at his mum who was there to watch. And he's finally perfected the thing where he throws up the pick, kicks it with his heel and catches it again. The crowd also carried on the tradition of throwing ping pong balls on the stage during Friday Night and we got introduced to Ritchie the new bassist.

The Bro has got a shiny new phone which can take photos and videos...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Justin, looking suitably rocking. You can see the funky organ in the background and the horns above Ed's drum kit had flame jets in them.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Justin again, showing off his fab new guitar where the in lays on the fret board light up. Tis pretty.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Dan, who seems to take no notice of what is going on around him and just plays

If anyone wants to have a look here's a little (700kb) vid of some of the opening song here (That person you can hear singing like a banshee? That's The Bro.)

All in all was most rocking, a good laugh and everyone had a good time. Especially since security were doing their job and chucked out the morons who were jumping about and injuring each other. I think the show was better at Wembley (cos they had glitter rain at the end and their were less morons in the crowd) but the set-list were better here. And Justin was on fine voice, if looking a little podgy. He's starting to develop a beer gut (which considering he was so skinny before really notices). He's gonna have to cut out some brews or get bigger cat suits me thinks.
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