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Primeval, you do it again...

Last series it took until exactly half way through the series before it started to slot together and I got really interested it - same thing happened this series.

In the last couple of episodes it hit its stride and it continued well with little to no stupidity going on.

Apart from Stephen that is. Boy's an idiot. I think Helen does like him but she is certainly using him. He very much deserved that punch in the face from Nick.

The mammoth action sequence at the start was well done (and I'll just about forgive them the dodgy logic that it could be contained in that truck when it was tossing other vehicles around so easily).

Lester was brilliantly and surprisingly competent and I really loved that. They didn't go the stereotype route and have him a bumbling mess when faced with a physical attack. He was ruthless, resourceful and smart, exactly as he is in other things.

I think they could have done more with the face off between Nick and Jenny considering his history with 'her' but she seems to have been mostly sidelined this series anyway. I hope this is because we're not supposed to get too attached to her as things aren't going to stay this way permanently....Speaking of which, I still want to see a conversation about that matter between Nick and Helen - surely he realises that she is the only other one who remembers Claudia...

The bomb thing was almost daft when it went for the 'what wire' thing and I'm glad that they quickly ditched that and had a different solution. I know Nick and Connor are good but they're not bomb disposal experts.

As for the preview of next week it looks all rather exciting. I'm thinking lots of carnage is on the way. The Abby/Caroline fight was obviously signposted well back but what the hey, let's have some girl kick arse. I still think, based upon what we've seen and the tiny snippets of info released about the episode, that Stephen is a goner next week (there was a picture going round of a sober looking Helen standing over a grave and we're told one of the characters gets it and it isn't Nick so I don't see any other candidates - who else could die and Helen would feel the need to go to their funeral?). At the mo my guess is the series ends with Stephen dead and during the next one a guilt ridden Helen will convince Nick to work with her to return the timeline back to 'normal', restoring both Stephen and Claudia (that may be wishful thinking on my part but it keeps me happy so...)
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