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I was brave - anyone got a sticker for me?

Well had to go to the dentist today...

I've had two of my bottom teeth sealed since I was about 7 or 8 because they were quite deep and hard to clean. Over the last near 20 years they've unsurprisingly worn away and so requiring me to have them resealed again. One was done last year, the other tooth was already starting to show some minor decay evidence.

So today I need to have the decay on the surface of that one removed and then have the tooth resealed. He gave me the choice - I could have some local anasthetic and have a numb face for the rest of the day (and suffer the needle!) or I could try it without. He said he wasn't going deep at all so it wouldn't hurt, I'd just get a cold feeling. Weighing up the two I decided I was more afraid of the needle so said to try it without.

I'm so glad I did. Didn't feel a bloody thing. It was just a bit chilly. So after a few moments I released my death grip of anticipated pain on the chair and relaxed. Big relief from me.

I didn't get a sticker for being so brave though like I did last time I had anything like that done....Okay so the last time I was about 8 but that's not the point. I liked my very first dentist - he used to give us Playmobile stuff when we were good...
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