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Well just finished watching the first 3 eps of this on Ch4/E4 and I have to say I am very intrigued. Interesting plot, well paced, nice twists, good characters. There were at least a couple of moments that made me go 'OMG WTF?!'

People have been comparing it unfavourably to Lost. Yeah they're probably aimed at a similar market but they're very different shows. In fact, I think Invasion is far better paced than Lost is (which can certainly drag when they don't get it right), although Lost is far more subtle whereas this is much more in your face with the weird stuff.

It's from the same guy that did American Gothic (amazing series that it was) and it has a similar feel to it in places. He certainly does like his ambiguous Sheriffs!

Thought I'd have nothing to watch what with Lost and Rome finishing, SGA in it's last few eps and no DW til March. Now I have this and Desperate Housewives back soon. God bless Channel 4.

Oh and I just found out ITV3/4 are showing Andromeda and Quantum Leap. It's like being back at uni and having Sky One. If only BBC2 would put sci-fi back on at 6/6:45. How much Flog It do we really need to see?
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