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Primeval - With actual dinos this time!

Well episode one of season 2 has left me kind of 'meh'.

I don't know if the writers were deliberately making the pacing awkward and disjointed so that we could feel Nick's discomfort but I suspect I'm giving them way too much credit. I just found the whole thing a bit messy to be honest. It didn't flow at all. It just felt like it was significantly longer somehow and they edited with a chain saw to get it into the time slot.

Fortunately it seemed to hit it's stride about 10/15 minutes from the end and settle down so it didn't leave me feeling too bummed about it.

Two things did bug me quite a bit....

Firstly the use of animal tranquillizer. Now my knowledge is only based off of 8 years of it being explained over and over on Animal Park and google info for a fic but IIRC it does not take a few seconds to act on a big, charging, adrenaline filled animal. More like minutes. Either the dinos were going down way too quick or on some occasions the team were saying 'it hasn't instantly passed out! it can't have worked!'. Also that baby dino would have been dead had it been darted with the same amount that floored the adults. It's a little thing I know but I found it jarringly stupid - I mean if I can be bothered to google it when writing fan fic then shouldn't the 'real' writers be doing that too?

Secondly if this team ever try and rescue you just run the other way. Because if a dino slashes your throat they won't even bother to check if you're all right. And the stupid boy will leave you lying on the floor injured and just take the unconscious woman away to safety.

The ending wasn't exactly unexpected - after all what were they going to do, leave Lucy unemployed for a year?

I suspect that when, as rumoured, the future predators return in episode 7 then everything will get sorted out. Either they'll be the ones who accidentally got left behind as babies in the past and Nick kills them, resetting the time line or he'll kill some who turn out to be ancestors of the ones the left in the past and....well you can see where I'm going. The other possibility is that the future predator babies was a total red herring and it was in fact Helen who screwed the time line up on purpose. I wouldn't put it past her what with her being a bitch and all.

Whatever the reason I hope they bring Claudia back in the end because I already miss her as a character.
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