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It's kind of like Woody's Roundup only with less cowboys...

First, random PoTC observation - in the first film Jack doesn't look quite right during the scene where he parlays with Barbossa in the Captain's quarters of the Pearl. I think it's the hair - it looks large and diva-ish. Perhaps this is because it was filmed at a later date in pick ups and the wig was slightly off (for other examples of this see Ewan McGregor in the Phantom Menance or Mr Depp himself in Sleepy Hollow). It may simply be though that he doesn't have enough eyeliner on.

Also I must have my student liver in today because I've drunk 2 1/2 glasses of wine and a JD and Red Bull and don't feel a thing...

So all the bits I've done in the last few weeks but have generally been too tired to LJ about.

Michael Buble - Brighton Center
Was just awesome as usual. Guy has such a voice and is so very funny. The ultimate showman.

He works an awesome mic

He even laughs at himself when he can remember the lyrics of 50 year old songs but forgets the ones he actually writes.

Short clip of something amazingly impressive - singing with no back up and no mic and boy does it sound good. It was a really 'omg!love!' moment.

Bill Bailey - Brighton Center
The medieval roadie is back and funny. Tinselworm was awesome. Not quite as good as Part Troll imo but that was something special. And I loved the merchandise as well. The program had so much extra stuff in it and came with badges and a plectrum all for a tenner. You could also buy the audio CD of that night's performance which really was a great idea and apparently a first. Go Bill with his technological advances. I won't spoil it too much as you may get it on DVD and want to see the funny for yourself, but I will say one of my favourite bits was his explanation of why he couldn't have a tattoo on his chest - 'I'm very hairy and it would look like a panther caught in a thicket'.

Tutankhamen Exhibition - O2 Center
No the mask wasn't there but it was still extremely impressive. The artistry was amazing. They had a full sized gold coffin of one of his relatives (awe inspiring) and one of the beautiful intricate mini sarcophagi that he'd his vicera (it was like a mini version of his coffin). It really was both humbling and creepy to see these things so close up, to realise how old they were and yet how well preserved they were. You could see the indentations where things had been chiselled by some Egyptian 3000 years ago...It was kind of mind blowing and I really would recommend it.

Spamalot - Palace Theatre
This was for Dad's birthday. The four of us went up for the matinee so we could go and get something to eat afterwards. Damn is this show funny. Even if you've seen the film dozens of times it's still funny. Brilliantly done set too. They've done away with the safety curtain - two castle towers would be in the way anyway - and have a video screen showing Python-esque animation instead. They managed to, unsurprisingly really, work Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life into it. Best of all though - PETER DAVIDSON!!!!! *Squee*. I just about resisted the urge to shout 'Doctor I love you!!!!'

And Finally...
We took all the pressies downstairs and now the room looks very festive.

The big one by the radiator is Guitar Hero 3 for the bro (shh! don't tell!). Going to have to try to connect PS3 up to the tv in their tomorrow via the HD so he can experience it in 47" HD goodness rather than 28" HD goodness in my room.

Without the flash you can actually see it's much darker in there and the lights are on - except they don't do that 70's disco thing of course...
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