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Wax Works and Foo Fighters

So me and the bro headed off to London yesterday to see the Foo Fighters. Decided we might as well make a day of it and so first headed to Madame Tussauds to hang out with the waxy celebs...

So the queue was long, but it always is so it wasn't like we were unprepared. We got to listen to a remix of 'Music' by Madonna done with Disco Inferno that was somehow still fun on the 20,000th hearing. I think it was because we were air drumming the little roll they had in every time and being distracted by the hand models they hand there (Jonah Lomu could have easily picked me up by the head).

We haven't been there since the mid 90's so obviously it's changed quite a lot. Major things I remember being missing were the display of old bits of models (some of which damaged by the fire they had) and the Sleeping Beauty with her rising and falling chest. I was quite disappointed they'd removed that. The history of the exhibition was relegated to one tiny corridor near the end. The other mild disappointment was that the Chamber of Horrors (which I kept trying to call Chamber of Secrets) has been quite reduced in size to accommodate the Chamber Live experience which is basically where you walk along in the dark and actors jump out at you. We didn't bother going in because there was a massive queue and a chance that anyone who jumped out at me my get a black eye as my fight or flight instinct kicked in.

One great thing though was it wasn't too busy. Busy yes, but not insanely so as some people often report. You could easily get a pic with any of the models you wanted. Talking of pics....

First I hung out with the Ocean's 13 boys and played a little cards.

It's Patrick Stewart! Yay! (That other one is my brother, not a wax work)

Angelina wanted to leave Brad for Chris but he turned her down...

...Mainly because he already had his eye on Christina

Even lil Harry Potter is taller than me! *sob!*

Chris was well aware that he couldn't out cool Samuel

I just about resisted the urge to take him home with me...And I checked I still had my purse after


Kudos to the set dressing! It was just like being on the Pearl/Sao Feng's ship...except less wet.

I musht be dreaming....(Sir Sean is distracted and Chris goes in for the drink)

John would have thought Chris's hair was so girlie but then he's wearing a pink shirt so....It was almost a Brokeback moment.

Rock trio. If there had been a wax Dave Grohl, Chris would have humped his leg.

The perfect end to any trip to Tussaud's - punch Hitler in the face.

At the end you have the opportunity to go into the old Planetarium which is now rechristened the 'stardome' and houses a short ten minute feature from Aardman. The seats are in rows rather than circular around it now and they are the hardest plastic known to man kind. The guy introducing it was fun though (and looked kind of like Justin Lee Collins) and the show was fun - probably not so good if you get easily motion sick though as there's a lot of whizzing about up there.

After that we headed to Weatherspoon's for dinner and then made our way down to the O2.

I haven't been there in an awfully long time but let me say this - it's damn snazzy. Brand spanking new everything. And it was all so calm and relaxed in there. Unlike a lot of venues there's a lot of entrances - three different points around the arena with technically nine entrances that really kept the queues down. Even better the entrances are inside - you go into the dome itself and can walk around the bars etc before you go through to the centre and the arena. They even put the merchandise stand outside with the queueing area and gave it loads of space so you weren't squashed to buggery. The staff were all really friendly and really efficient. We got in so quick and once we'd gone up to the second level and had a drink or two (in a place so spotless you were almost afraid to tread on the floor) a guy would point you to where your seats were. Once inside the seats were amazingly comfortable and they did helpful things like have a graphic running around a display telling you tube times and taxi numbers. Fantastic stuff and I'd highly recommend that if you have a choice of which venue in London to visit, choose the O2. It beats everywhere else hands down. Be wary though that the sides on the arena are quite steep and the very highest seats look high indeed and the climb up there rather sharp.

Our seats were fantastic. Stage right, just far enough along so you could see the whole stage from a decent angle. The first support band (support support band?) were pretty great - nice bunch of Scottish lads who played some good tunes. The proper support band were proper rubbish - screamy shouty, let's play everything at 220bpm so there's no discernible rhythm or tune nonsense.

As for the Foo Fighters themselves.


They were seriously awesome with a capital AWE. They played a brilliant mixture of old and new stuff. They did an acoustic set on the mini stage in the middle of the arena floor. Their percussionist did a triangle solo. They came back for a five song encore. They played for about 2 1/4 hours. Just the best gig ever.

Even better, they had Brian May.

Brian Sodding May!

Me and the bro caught a glimpse of him at the beginning of the show just before the lights went out, standing to the side of the stage and thought he must be there to watch the gig. Later on though, he and Roger Taylor came on and played an old Queen song (39) with the Foos.The crowd went mental when he came out.

Dave Grohl is amazing. And he seemed to love the venue a lot as he said that usually he finds the big cities were the worst gigs for atmosphere but this had been the best in this tour. He said he was so excited that he wanted to come and make out with every member of the audience. I think about 85% of the male audience would have taken him up on that offer by that point.

I certainly would have agreed to marry him and have his hairy rock babies...

The O2 is shiny. Accept no substitues.

Dave! (Note that I have about 30 billion pics of him and virtually none of anyone else)

The flying hair o' rock. Chris was insanely jealous.

*waves* Hi Dave!

Look! It's an unfortunately blurry Brian May!

Just to prove the rest of the band were there...

And lastly a vid of Monkeywrench (my personal fave)

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