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Supernatural: Dean and Izzy Fic Series Masterlist

One or two people asked for it and it's a damn good idea so here's the full list of Dean/Izzy fics I've written so far, most importantly in chronological order, not the order I actually wrote them. Yes people, this is where we see if my canon holds up...yikes!

(omg! I have a series! *flails*)

(I had to have a banner because the page looked kind of plain without it)

This will of course be updated as I add more fic and they'll be a link to this entry in the sidebar.

Dangerous Ground
(PG-13 - To say Dean didn’t like her would be untrue. To say he resented her presence would be more accurate. He knows it will take a lot for her to prove herself to him but he never before realised that she was more than capable of doing so.)

The Edge of Normality
(PG-13 - Dean is more than a little afraid of who he might become and knows he must try to separate the hunter from the man.)

Waving The White Flag
(PG - It's the only time he doesn't really mind giving in.)

How Not To Keep A Secret
(PG-13 - Dean has a bad habit of keeping secrets from Sam but this one doesn’t really come as too much of a surprise when he actually thinks about it. And unlike most secrets this one actually helps Sam – it gives him hope for his own future too.)

Daily Lesson
(NC-17 - Just before breakfast somehow became the perfect time for an intimate lesson)

The Art Of Kissing
(PG-13 - Kisses that didn’t lead to sex were a rarity in Dean’s experience and it took him a while to figure them out and make them a natural part of his life.)

Finger Talk
PG-13 - A fevered mind perceives the world differently and Dean never realised before just how much hands had to say.)

(PG-13 - She hears his voice and all is well. Mostly anyway.)

Silence Is Not Always Golden
(NC-17 - Dean realises that they could do with some quiet time to themselves. Though if he’s honest he prefers it not so quiet.)

A Winchester Minute
(NC-17 - Time doesn't always fly when you're having fun.)

Try Explaining That One
(R - “Dude, you got floored by a girl...” It certainly wasn't one of Dean's finest moments.)

Smoke, Salt and Strawberries
(NC-17 - The hunt is so ingrained into him that she can taste it.

A Life Lived In Fear
(PG-13 - She knows that despite his tough exterior, fear has a bigger hold over Dean’s actions than he would ever admit. It’s something she’s not immune to herself and it’s something that Sam wants to protect him from.)

Long Nights and Scars
(NC-17 - Dean has lived through some long nights through the years and sometimes he thinks they’re the only thing in his life he’s going to remember)

(NC-17 - Sam-centric, Heart Tag.
Sam once said he was cursed and a girl tried to convince him that that wasn’t true. For a while he believed her and now that belief is shattered once more. He can’t be on his own for the rest of his life but he can’t bring himself to fall in love.)

Whispered Promise Of Perfection
(R - 'What Is And What Should Never Be' Tag. Dean cannot get his mother’s words out of his head. But however much they haunt him he could never have allowed himself to live in a world where so many lives had been lost because of his choice.)

All The Wrong Words In The Wrong Order
(PG-13 - Dean and words are not always compatible. Saying the right ones is just not something he’s good at and knows that those he loves suffer because of it.)

Step Back
(PG-13 -
Dean has a long built in habit of trying to help Sam in every situation. This time though he has got to step back.)

(PG - Dean had been determined to remaining a bachelor once...)

Hiding From The Real World
(PG - He can't lie to them forever)

Truth Beneath His Hands
(R -
Dean would have liked to have held on to how she was when he first met her but time has a habit of changing things whether you like it or not and he comes to realise that’s not all bad.)

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