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Life On Mars - The finale


x 1 million.

There are not words in the English language to describe how awesome that was. Because I knew I'd forget everything I wrote my version of an audio commentary as I went along...

  • Omg! Tumour! Sam’s gonna die on the operating table! (yes, I will be fretting throughout the whole episode)
  • Fix it for me Jim! - Jim is moving into brain surgery now? Hopefully he won’t be smoking his cigar at the time.
  • can’t bring down poor, little, innocent, sweet Gene...
  • Last time of hearing the intro (sob!) – I hope they play Life On Mars over the end credits and go out on that final crescendo.
  • Called him Dorothy again...
  • Ray and Chris getting jiggy wit it to the marching band.
  • Get out the way you bitches! - Gene’s such a charmer...
  • Does Frank really know about the weird stuff going on or is he just playing Sam? Has he heard about Sam’s more unusual behaviour and is using it to bring down Gene, thinking Sam is delusional?
  • Gene Hunt the tumour? I suppose he’d be an aggressive one.
  • Bruce Forsythe! Lol!
  • Quoting Robocop. Even more Lol!
  • Frustration! That was the first board game I had.
  • Sam/’s soooo going to end in tears)
  • I think it’s the moustache that makes Ray so arsey...It tickles too much.
  • Morgan is the surgeon?
  • Subtle Annie....because you really needed to go there and tell him that...
  • JUST KISS HER!!!!!!!!
  • Okay, groping her is a start I suppose...
  • Seriously Sam I’m going to punch you in the head in a minute if you don’t kiss her (my inner Gene is coming out there)
  • You know Sam, you could shut her up by kissing her...
  • Spend the night? Well that’s a bit more like it!
  • I can’t? I CAN’T?????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • ‘I know that I just fell in love with you’...The songs on this show are so prophetic...
  • Wondered where creepy test card girl had been. She seems to have split up from her clown though.
  • Scary visions!
  • For a sec there I read that as John Leslie...
  • Gene posing as someone and confronting a cop killer? I see a problem there.
  • ‘Your gaff, your rules’ – Sam channelling Al Murray’s pub landlord?
  • Nice model train Gene!
  • Sam may not like Gene’s method but he can’t argue with his reasoning – he genuinely does want to keep the good people safe
  • Sam! Don’t tell the evil man Gene’s plan! What if he’s a bent copper working for Johns? What if he’s trying to kill you?
  • MARS?!?!?!?
  • I still think he thinks Sam is a nut job and he’s using him...
  • See now I could be right, or is he double bluffing him?
  • Sam was undercover? Does Hyde really exist?
  • Omg! What if 2006 is actually the vision (that he had during the accident) and all of this is really real?
  • See. Read above. I thought that before they said it.
  • Williams?
  • That explains the gravestone from the trailer then...
  • Poor Sam...I don’t know which version to believe any more than he does...
  • The voices in Sam’s head, the visions...what if Sam is really from 1973 but actually does have a tumour and it is causing all of this...
  • ....I really don’t think I’ve breathed for the last five minutes...
  • Although if that’s all true you have to give Sam’s mind credit for dreaming up a remarkably accurate 2006.
  • ...Or is this still in Sam’s mind – is this him giving up and dying?
  • Glad Nelson’s here for the last one
  • Aww....Sam/Annie hug!
  • *getting a bit teary eyed*
  • Poor little Chris...
  • Is Sam going to do something stupid now to make this all up to them?
  • Oh even Annie hates him...
  • I knew there was going to be something about that sodding radio...
  • No back
  • Everyone getting shot....crap, crap, crap....
  • 2006?
  • Or is it? Tumour still there...Is this 1973 Sam in a coma having visions – maybe the trauma of the shooting has caused him to ‘regress’ back into 1973? Will this tumour end up killing him any way – can you tell that I trust nothing in this program any more?
  • Hyde Ward 2612...
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Wizard Of Oz reference...
  • Surely he’s going to look up Gene and co.
  • Nice reuse of his opening monologue.
  • Aww...he promised he wouldn’t leave her and her did...
  • Does Nelson’s speech mean more than we think? Is Sam starting to feel that he’s not alive.
  • He can’t feel it! I bloody knew it!
  • Life On Mars! (all sing along now...)
  • Nice parallel back to the first episode with Sam surveying his world with the tune playing.
  • Is he going to jump off?!
  • That’d be a yes then...
  • What about Ray and Chris?!
  • Phew they’re okay!
  • Sod off, I’m not a fairy :D
  • Hands up all those who think Sam’s going to drop dead from a tumour any moment?
  • Now will he kiss her?
  • Stay here forever – that’s jinxed it!
  • Trust Gene...
  • WTF?!?!?!?!?! The voices...
  • The song!
  • The Test Card girl!
  • Them riding off into the distance!
  • And end with the crescendo! Ta da!


Well what can I say? F*CKING AWESOME! Yup, that about covers it.

Has there ever been a better finale? Some people I think are going to be miffed at the ambiguity but I loved it for that.

I adored the way that they gave you the thing way wanted – Sam staying with the team in 1973 – but left the rest a bit ambiguous. You never really know because of Sam hearing that the voice saying they’re losing him. Does that mean that he put himself back in the coma by jumping off of the roof in 2006? If that’s true then in a way it’s a bit sad that he’s never going to live his real life, but he is happy there. And I suppose that’s why he never looked up Gene and co when he got back to 2006. The other option is that Morgan was telling the truth all along and he had suffered the traumatic loss of his parents and imagined the 2006 thing as a ‘safe’ place. The final voice he heard may have been his brain finally letting go of those visions now that he’s happy.


You can believe what you want – personally I prefer the second on the basis that it turns the entire show on its head. And Sam didn’t die as I predicted throughout the entire episode. I am curious as to what the alternate ending was though.


Either way, one of the greatest television shows ever and the ending didn’t disappoint. 100/10.

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