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I liked it. I like the new girl. Rose who?

Okay maybe that's a tad unfair. I used to like Rose very much. Loved her in the first series - she was passionate, caring and adventurous. She showed even the seemingly most ordinary person could do the most extraordinary things, a concept that appealed to me.

And then season 2 came along...

Rose kept a lot of the elements I liked in her but she also picked up a few that weren't so appealing - she became childish, immature, giggling and clinging, acting like a girl in a gang who didn't care about others as long as she was having a fun joyride. That girl I didn't like so much. Whilst Doomsday was sad I wasn't overly upset about losing her.

So here comes Smith and Jones. Thank goodness for Martha! She's many of things season 2 Rose wasn't - notably, grown up and mature. Rose acting like a teenager became grating. So far Martha's fun without being childish.

Anyway, to be a bit more specific about the episode:

- Really liked the way they tied in the beginning and the end of the episode whereby you find out the meeting in the street was actually him proving he could travel in time. Nice touch.

- I can't be the only one on my f-list who saw the helmet clad guy and thought 'ah, so that's what happened to the black Stig!'

- Martha's family aren't as irritating as many make out. It's interesting to see a different type of family from the Tylers. Besides, looking at the up coming episodes I can't see how they'll be in it too much. There's not a lot of time on 21st century Earth.

- Why does anyone live in London any more if it is the centre of all these alien attacks?

- The reaction of the people in the hospital to finding out they were on the moon was a bit OTT and cringe worthy.

- The reason why the Doctor liked Martha so much was rather obviously signposted but it was certainly believable. I liked that the first thing they note about Martha is her intelligence and ability to think things others perhaps wouldn't.

- I like the way Martha constantly questions the Doctor and his actions. Donna was right when she said he needs someone to do that.

- I like Tennant's randomness in this episode. He has apparently been on his own for a while and he's likely got very used to chatting to himself so it kind of fits.

- The Doctor's glee at the gift shop was a nice reference back to New Earth

- As feet goes, Tennant's aren't bad.

- It was good that they didn't make the Judoon the bad guys as such. We haven't met all that many friendly aliens so far so it was nice to see some who weren't really good or bad, just doing their job. They were interesting because you were never quite sure what they'd do.

- At the end, before she was obliterfried, the plasmivore said 'burn with me'. Now, according to an episode guide I've seen, this phrase reappears in episode 7. Will this be an on going theme? And if it is can I feel smug since I'm the only person I've seen mention it so far?

- The way he pretty much lured Martha to the TARDIS was very him. He knew he didn't have to ask her, she'd just follow him. I was like that slight self-confidence.

- The mouthing of 'it's bigger on the inside' was pretty inspired so well done David for coming up with that one.

- Their conversation at the end was just what I expected of them. Martha had him on the rack a bit there and it was a nice swap of power in their relationship. In season 2 Rose was too much under his control and he was very much in charge. I hope Martha turns out to be more like season 1 Rose and really pushes him.

All in all, probably would give it 7.5 out of 10. The story wasn't wonderful but it was a great intro to Martha. Next week's seems full of fangirl opportunities what with the Shakespeare stuff.
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