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The mysteries of OTP...

Why am I suddenly OTP Sam and Annie? Seriously, first series of LOM and they're relationship is barely a blip on my radar. They're a bit cute and I like her but...whatever....

Now? (And keeping it really vague so as not to spoil anyone) I spent most ep3 thinking 'poor Sam' because even Annie wasn't on his side. And then the trailer for ep 4 had me thinking 'omg! Don't put her in danger!' and then 'actually do cos then you could rescue her!'

Oh dear...

Ooo and my mum had one of those Grundig Party Boy (i know!) radios. In fact considering she got rid of hers 18 months ago it could have actually been that one!

Right, I'm off to watch Hot Fuzz...
Tags: cinema, life on mars, tv
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