doylefan22 (doylefan22) wrote,

DW and Torchwood news

Okay two things that were pretty much confirmed today...

1. Torchwood will be showing in the New Year (i.e. Jan 2008). I'm not too bothered about this as I have Strictly Come Dancing and SGA to squee over during Sept-Dec. Maybe Top Gear too. It means TW will fill my Jan/Feb tv dry spot.

2. John Simm has apparently (according to the bit at the end of an interview in the Independent) been cast as The Master for the third series of DW. For me this is probably the best casting. I clearly picked up a poor idea of the character from watching the show when I was younger because he's unfortunately become a bit pantomime villain in my mind - a bit cheesy, a bit OTT.... Hopefully Simm will bring him much more down to Earth and make him much more believable.
Tags: doctor who, torchwood
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