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Warning: Emotional cricket fan in sight...

Well I could go on forever about this. I'll try and keep it short, honest.

I transfered from watching football in 1997 whilst on GCSE study leave. I hated all the bad feeling in the game and cricket was entirely different. People had fun watching cricket no matter how drunk they got. There's plenty of banter but it's extremely rare for it to fall into abuse or violence. The players act as gentlemen in their conduct on field. They're appreciative of the other team and their achievements.

And I have just been witness to the most tense, exciting, thrilling and sportsman-like series of all time.

I've cheered, screamed, held my breath, hid my eyes and lived the drama with the players and other fans alike. There have been times when I thought I just couldn't take any more tension....I'll never forget this series as long as I live. Whether it be Freddie smacking Warne for 6, Pieterson hanging on by his fingernails to secure our win, Strauss's amazing catch or Harmison and Jones bowling like every ball was their last.

So a big thank you to the England team, the Australian team and the fans for making this one of the most memorable summers ever. And what a way to top it. I can barely believe we've finally won thr Ashes!

I'm not usually over patriotic but today I am so proud to be English. Well done boys :D After all we've bee through we deserve this.

I think this calls for a celebratory drink.
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