doylefan22 (doylefan22) wrote,

Take that slash!

As someone who has never seen the appeal or the obsession over slash - it's not hot, it's way over done and is getting extremely boring - it is rather amusing to see people going off on one over DMC.

The Jack/Will shippers are going ape ("I hate it when someone gets in the way of a good slash pairing") and the Elizabeth hate is all over the place. The het fans are going "woo-hoo!' Now we have two canonish pairings!" In a way it is kind of a victory for het and that makes me smile no end. Slash was once an interesting , small side of the fic community, looking at something different. Now it is almost the norm and has become increasingly dull.

Seriously, Jack and Will as lovers is no where near as interesting as what we see on the film. Their uneasy, untrusting, antagonistic friendship is fascinating and gets ignored way too much. The triangle between J/E/W is interesting, even though I'm 99.9% certain that it'll end up as W/E - Jack is exciting and interesting to her, part of the freedom she craves, but she loves Will.

Some people see Jack as slightly camp, personally, I don't. Like Gibbs said in the first film, the suggestion is that the heat stroke he got whilst stranded on the island sent him a little mad. He's also half drunk most of the time. He's more unstable than camp - and certainly not effeminate as I've seen some writers portray him. If you ignore the staggering and the jewelry he's actually very blokey.

So, in conclusion - go canon het! It's nice to see you back! I'll stop rambling now...
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