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POTC: DMC - Squee

Saw it. Loved it.

You know when you love something so much that you don't care about its flaws? That's how I felt about this film. Of course there were bits and pieces they could have done better, but when you enjoy watching a film that much, all those things fall by the wayside. I can see where some of the criticism has come from but none of the points brought up bothered me.

Jack was Jack. I loved how finer line they (and Johnny) walked with him. He was equal parts clown, desperate, ruthless, dishonest and honorable. I loved that Elizabeth was right about him - part of him did want to be good. And it is usually that that gets him into trouble - it's what seemed to stop the compass working because he couldn't be sure of what he really wanted. But he's still a pirate and he still usually prioritising himself above all else. No doubt would he have traded those 100 souls for his own. Jack seems to have a certain loyalty to his friends (I think he would have rescued Will somehow) but a stranger is nothing to him. I knew his seeming demise was coming but it was still shocking. Loved that he went down fighting. Johnny is a comic genius - the stuff in the canibal village and with the wheel fight was hilarious and fun.

Will was actually a bit more 3D this time. A bit smarter, a bit wiser and a bit more ruthless. He's still the least interesting character on there but Orlando does a good job with what he's given. His conversations with Bootstrap were great. As was Bootstrap. To take such a relatively small part and make so much of it was really impressive.

Elizabeth was certainly interesting. People keep saying she's historically inaccurate, but an historically accurate girl wouldn't be as interesting to watch (and in a film with an undead crew of sea monsters were these people really expecting realism?). I do like myself a bit of Jack/Elizabeth but even I'm not convinced she's in love with Jack. She cares about him. She wants him to be who he has the potential to be, she feels terrible guilt at what she does to him to save herself and the others. I think she's more in love with the idea of him and what he represents than anything else - he's freedom. I think deep down, as much as she loves Will, she's scared that it'll be a trap for her, that her freedom will be gone forever...

It was great to see Norrington again, especially considering how well he played his downfall. Gibbs was a brilliant salty old seadog. Tia Dalma was very interesting (and not hard at all to understand unlike some people have said - asking for subtitles indeed!). She reminded me a lot of the voodoo lady from Monkey Island.

Davy Jones was equal part tragic and bastard. I loved how they showed all those tokens of love in the chest and yet they went unmentioned by anyone. Nice touch. And the CGI was amazing. It still looked a bit like Bill underneath all that.

Talking of CGI. The Kraken? Wow....That was brilliantly done. Loved how they built up over its three appearences.

And how happy was I to see Barbossa? Geoffrey Rush was so brilliant in the first film - the perfect pirate and the perfect foil to Jack. I can't wait to see more of him in the 3rd film.

The score was excellent, so much better than the first film. The score had moments of greatness in the first one, but this was great throughout. There are some very strong themes there, particularly Davy Jones and The Kraken.

Can't believe some people had problems understanding the plot. You've only got to listen to the dialogue and take it in, it's really not that hard.

In conclusion, best 2 1/2 hrs I've spent at the cinema in a long time. I was thorough entertained and filled with squee throughout. My brother's favourite bit? Jack shooting the crow at the start - he nearly spit cola over the woman in front of us he was laughing so much.

I wonder how many people I can find to come and see it with me...I already have 1 more trip planned.
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