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It's all right, I have another foot...

So I have a rock related injury.

Not from the hard stuff you find in nature but the popular guitar based music. Notably, what happens when the girl in front of you is moshing very enthusiastically and is wearing stilettos.

Yeah she stamped on my big toe. Which came up in a beautiful amount of swelling the day after, so much so that I couldn't actually bend it at all. Thankfully that went down over night and because it's on the top of the foot it hurts when something presses down on it rather than when walking. But I have pretty bruising forming.

Yes I do have some beautiful discolouration over most of the top of my right foot. And at my big toe joints which makes me wonder if I've bruised the bone. *grumbles*

In other news, one of my colleagues is signed off yet again. She's had various issues which means she hasn't actually done a full year's work in the last five. Which I am sympathetic to without a doubt. But at the same time all coursework has to be in, marked and sent off by next Friday. In classes we share, the kids I am mentoring have had feedback months ago and have done improvements. Hers haven't even had the first mark yet. I just feel like these kids are getting really, really screwed over and it's extremely unfair on them. I've given them the advice I can and marked what I can of theirs but I have several hundred other kid's work to deal with too and....guh...

I know she can't help it - she has a facial injury, it's flared up again and she's far too self conscious to come in but sometimes I feel like screaming in frustration because this is these kid's grades that they're going to have for the rest of their lives and I don't think enough is being done to support them. :(
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