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Ah Camden...

So last time I was wandering through Camden market I paid a lot of attention to the very much pretty clothes shops there. A mixture of vintage, hipster, steampunk, gothic and lolita. Essentially a lot of pretty.

So, once we'd finished with Kapow this weekend I cruelly made gnimaerd  go there and shop with me. I came back with much pretty...

Ooo...Pretty dress.

Ooo...Another pretty dress. Shame about the pale, dumpy legs *grumbles*

This one is lovely and lacey and the picture doesn't do it justice. It's also extremely short!

I got a lacey top to wear over vest tops too.

And now I've indulged in my post retail therapy tomorrow there will be pictures of lil!Gwen and the girls with the girls ;)
Tags: rl: someone remove my credit card
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