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It's (un)surprisingly difficult to take pictures of your own hands

Finally managed to get some knitting complete with these rather pretty (even if I do say so myself) hand/wrist warmers...

For those interested in that kind of thing, they're made with Rowan's baby alpaca dk.


Normally I'd flail incoherently at oparu  since she's the only person on my f-list who I know appreciates this greatness but she's not around so...

OMG THEY KILLED GAIA! I loved her character and her relationship with Lucretia was sweet and sexy and well written and rather smoking. And I was really hoping that they'd have a falling out or Gaia would get married and leave, hence leaving it open for Gaia to return in the proper series 2  where Lucretia could have taken shelter with her and they could have plotted revenge on Illythia. But alas...

On the other hand, it does make sense as to why Lucretia in the original series was a much harder woman than the one we saw here. And her revenge will be epic.

Right, now to spend the afternoon watching rugby and sorting out my wool stash into some sort of organisation.
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