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25 December 2010 @ 12:45 am
Christmas Fic...  
Title: Twas The Night Before Christmas...
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Nikola Tesla/Morgana Le Fay, James Watson, Arthur Pendragon
Spoilers: None
Summary: Nikola Tesla isn't the type to have his head turned by just a pretty lady...

Author's Note: A crossover witWritten as a Christmas gift for ellymelly . Written all on Christmas Eve so blame the mistakes/rubbish title on that.

Nikola Tesla was certainly not the type to stand wistfully by a window, even on Christmas Eve, which was undoubtedly the most wistful day of the year. No, his doe eyed looks were reserved exclusively for experiments that went as expected and therefore proved his growing genius. Possibly for a favourite pigeon.

Even now, as he gazed out the window, his expression couldn't really be described as 'wistful', more 'curious'. On his way back to the bench he'd happened to glance outside, briefly noting the thick blanket of snow that had fallen in the last few hours. But it was more the figure standing in it that truly caught his attention, alone in the dimly lit courtyard below.

He'd seen the woman before, momentarily struck by her beauty as she'd walked passed him a few weeks ago, obediently following two men who were clearly been shown around the university. He'd later learned that this was her father and brother, the older man a rich benefactor who'd donated a lot of money to the departments he considered worth. A man, he'd discovered, who did not hold with new fangled science and what he considered abhorrent experiments. Nikola had simply grinned to hear it; he somehow rather enjoyed it when he knew that his work upset people. After all, what was the point in breaking barriers if you didn't challenge the narrow minded?

He'd seen the lady a few more times after that initial encounter, always in the company of the two men, always obediently following but never looking exactly happy to do so. It was the fact that she was alone now that struck Nikola and caught his attention, even more so than the blood red cloak that stood out so distinctly against the snow.

He had a reputation for being charming, for having a way with women but not entertaining them. Which wasn't entirely true; there were simply very few who captured his interest enough to make him want to stop his work. The brilliant Helen Magnus was one, although she'd disappointingly made it clear that she had no interest in any part of him but his mind. This lady was seemingly another.

Unlike Helen though, she was unknown territory. She'd indeed captured his attention with her raven hair and porcelain features but she'd held it with the fire in her eyes. A passion that was barely hidden beneath the surface, fighting to get out. He was apparently helpless to the desire to see what happened when she let that fire burn. The scientist in him or the man? He wasn't quite sure.

Right now, he wanted to know why she looked so thoughtful, wandering alone as the snow fell.

As he was studying her curiously she suddenly looked up, as if sensing that eyes were upon her. Inside Nikola jolted but he didn't look away. A vampire never backed down from a challenge.

"Nikola?" James suddenly called across, sounding a little irritated.

Automatically he looked back to see what the other man wanted and then cursed under his breath in his native tongue, realising that from down below it would look like his nerve had gone.

"Something wrong?" James asked with a frown.

Nikola was silent for a moment, hands on hips, considering his options. He supposed he could simply admit defeat but that notion never really sat well with him no matter what the situation. Then his eyes settled upon the bowl of warm punch that Helen had brought in, her contribution to them working through the festive season.

He grinned as he collected a glass full and headed towards the door.

"Where on earth are you going?" James pressed in exasperation , clearly more than used to Nikola's oddities.

"Investigation," he said simply. "Keep working, there's a good boy."

Nikola was certain James had said something rude in return but the door closed before he could hear it.

A few short corridors away, a shout made him halt.

"Excuse me!"

He stopped and turned to see a young blond man striding towards him. Nikola recognised him instantly; the lady's brother.

"I'm looking for my sister," the man said, the blunt manner of someone who was used to ordering people around. "Have you seen her?"

Nikola considered it for a moment.

"What's her name?"

"Morgana," the younger man said, frowning just slightly, probably wondering why that was the first thing asked. "She's quite tall, slender, long dark hair..."

"I saw such a lady entering the library not long ago, you might try there."

The young man thanked him before hurrying off, muttering under his breath.

Nikola just grinned, very pleased with himself.

The lady was still in the courtyard when he arrived, leaving light footprints in the snow as she wandered seemingly aimlessly. She appeared to be deep in thought and yet was still alert, looking up sharply as his feet crunched into the snow.

The expression on her face was one of instant distrust but he remained perfectly calm and collected, apparently unbothered.

"You looked cold," he explained, offering her the drink.

She didn't take it immediately and he supposed she would have been a fool to do so.

"You were watching me from the window."

She had a very slight accent and, lord help him, he liked it. It made the syllables roll off her tongue liked honeyed wine.

"A beautiful woman hiding from the men in her life always intrigues me."

She didn't deny that and so he stepped closer.

"Nikola Telsa," he greeted holding out his hand. "I'm a scientist here. One of the ones your rich father definitely wouldn't approve of."

That made her smile a little and she immediately reached for his offered hand, apparently liking the idea. Of course he then brought hers to his lips and kissed the back of it rather than shaking it.

It was most improper with her out here without a chaperone but to his pleasure, her smile widened.

"Now," he said, falling into step beside her, "you should drink this before it gets cold. I did make the effort to bring it all the way down here after all..."

Nikola Tesla was no cad; he knew a lady's reputation was important and he wouldn't jeopardise it. But he was definitely going take the opportunity to know her a little better.

At least before her brother turned up and attempted to kill him...
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nikolat3sla: loving looknikolat3sla on December 25th, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)
OMG i absolutely adore it! Wonderful - squeeful little fic. Nikola bringing the punch all the way down to her and managing to send her brother on a wild goose chase? Priceless :D

*there needs to be more of this*

Thank you so much!

*adores present*
Twilight: WriterRosetwilight2000 on December 26th, 2010 08:43 am (UTC)
How absolutely wonderful! I love Tesla - and you've captured his voice so very well here!