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It's officially allowed to be Christmas now

I don't like starting Christmas too early because it ruins it. I know some people like to be really organised but I think it just isn't special if you start sorting things out too soon. But 5 weeks to go now so that's a reasonable time for me to start. Therefore off we went today to Leeds Castle's festive fair. (Which isn't in Leeds btw. Well, it is, but a little village called Leeds in Kent...).

Me, Dad, Chris and Heidi got a new set of castle tickets which I don't mind since they allow you in for a year as many times as you like, had a wander around the grounds and then went into the fair marque - heated and carpeted which was very nice indeed. These fairs can be a bit hit and miss but I had a feeling that Leeds Castle wouldn't let any old tat in and they really didn't - loads of lovely, locally made stuff on sale in there. And really good prices too. I came back with some fleece and wool gloves, knee high thermal socks (important for Disney at Christmas!), a hat with extra ear warming bits and built in pigtails and a lovely, lovely bag that I love so much.

Excuse the spaced out look - trying to take a photo of myself in the mirror without covering my entire face and hat isn't easy!

Look how lovely and gorgeous that bag is!

We also took advantage of the food stands - a lovely coffee and amazing cinnamon and sugar doughnuts. Yummy!

Apparently they're decorating the inside of the castle in December so that each room is in the design of a different pantomime so we'll be taking advantage of the tickets to go back and check those out.

What with going out and having a massive sort out yesterday I feel like I've had a terribly productive weekend and that's a really nice feeling actually. Have to make myself do it more often. It can be nice to sit and veg but it's also somewhat depressing!
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