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You got the 'manoeuvre'. Shame about the mirror and signal...

Well someone tried to drive into my car on the way to work today. Not exactly a great start to my day...

Basically just outside our school is an extra wide bit of road, designed so that people waiting to turn in can wait on the right of the road and not hold the rest of the traffic up. Coming up to the traffic lights just outside, they went red and me and another car went to the right hand side ready to turn in right. The car in front of me turns in, I move forward to do so and suddenly, woman sitting on the left hand side of the road turns across straight in front of me. Without signalling and clearly without checking her mirrors or she would have seen me waiting behind the first car. I missed her by an inch at most due to quick reactions.

And that, people, is why so many cyclists and motorcyclists are hit. Seriously if that had been one of our lads on his bike he could have been seriously injured.

Now, bearing in mind that a similar car accident of some dick hitting me due to not looking what was going on around them really started off my anxiety two years ago last month, this was not a pleasant experience for me. It's left me feeling unsettled all day and I'm just left with a horrible sense of unease. Frankly, I could just curl up into a ball and cry at the moment. It would probably make me feel better but I really don't want to.
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