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Great scot!

~ At the form tutor/parents meeting for Year 7 last night one of the mother's got an appointment with me in order to ask me about the policy for her son's peanut allergy. Knew he had an allergy. Did this :O face when she said it was so serious that it was off the scale. The school did not know that! Going to have to train up his teachers and some of his classmates to administer an epi-pen quick! Why didn't she tell us before?!

~ After that, me and the Bro went to see the re-release of Back To The Future at the cinema. There was only about a dozen people in there but it was a great atmosphere because everyone clearly loved the film. They were grinning at their favourite moments, singing along to the music, mimin favourite lines. I don't remember the first one coming out but do remember the excitement around about 2 & 3. Awesome trilogy.

~ Went to London on the second of two courses today. Decided I couldn't be doing with the tube so walked it everywhere. I ended up doing just over 20,000 steps. Which is 10miles. At an average of 4.1mph according to my iPod pedometer. And that means I burnt 850 cals. Woah! Now I'm tired. Strange that...Although thanks to my Shape Ups, my feet feel perfectly fine.
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