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This icon is vaguely appropriate because there is a dog in it...

Yesterday, flipbfc and I went to see Tap Dogs in London. It was a very good. Adam Garcia and a bunch of Aussie blokes pretending to be construction workers who tap dance more than they build anything.

Hmm, maybe that's what causes everything to take twice as long with builders...

Anyway, it was very clever. I particularly liked the use of the angle grinders and basketballs. And the fact the front row of the audience got ponchos supplied for the water splashing. I don't have any idea how they even remember all the steps though, let alone perform them.

Afterwards when went to Bella Italia and I had duck and pasta with plum sauce just because I was intrigued by the Italian/Chinese cross over. They're not OTP but it was nice. I also had a dessert for the first time in AGES. A lovely mousse thing that was totally worth it.
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