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Adventures in dress making...

So I've been making plushie Morgana's dress. Or at least the first part of her dress - she still needs another layer added to this but here's how I progressed so far...

I made the trial dresses in felt mainly because it's really cheap and I have loads. Firstly, I used the template I had for a top, lengthened it to see what I got...

(As you can see, she has to be sewn into her dress because there's no way you can put it on over the head)

Not a bad start but not fitted enough and also the neck line is far too high, even if she doesn't have plushie cleavage.  MkII looked like this:

Better fitted around the waist now and also there is the attempt at a train at the back...

Feeling brave, I decided to now do it in the final material...

The skirt is a tiny bit too long still because it's causing the top part to ruffle up too much, but I need to fold over the bottom and hem it again so that should take care of that.

So that's one part of her dress down and that took me all day Sunday. This better look good when it's finish.
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