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They didn't disappoint...

Okay, so I did this for the LoM finale, it only seemed fitting I did it through the A2A one too...
  • Bites nails
  • Molly has grown
  • And giant head Gene is freaky - still a lot of running away from him. Think she'll have to trust him to get out of this.
  • Surprise Spaceballs reference (schwartz)
  • Gene is losing control and everything is falling apart - does he know how and why he's losing his team?
  • We really should find out what happened to Annie
  • Challenging the world Gene has built for himself...Like Oz
  • Gene and Alex = the very definition of love/hate
  • The Queen? WTF?
  • Phil Collins tune - it'd better do the drum solo
  • Gene must know who is in that grave
  • Himself?
  • It can't be Sam or she wouldn't have just let him walk away like that, surely?
  • I knew it! I thought since episode one that dead cop was Gene Hunt!
  • So who the hell is Jim?
  • Or what?
  • Oh man...Poor Alex...Gene's going to help her get back to Molly, surely?
  • Alex, why the hell are you trusting Jim?
  • Bloody hell Ray...
  • Chris...
  • He's a modern day guy. It was harder to tell with Ray.
  • And Shaz...
  • And how the hell did Jim get hold of those tapes?
  • So Jim wants to be Gene? Why does he hate him so much?
  • Just notice - Alex has red shoes...
  • 'Go to hell', 'All right'. A suggestion that Jim is the Devil?
  • Ah a little of that old Gene Hunt spark back
  • They went to the pub - Nelson?
  • Yeah, Shaz got promoted!
  • Jim is temptation...and who is the great tempter?
  • Lift going down? And what is traditionally down?
  • Surely Ray and Chris didn't go with him
  • An appropriate 'armed bastards'
  • And more good music
  • Shaz found her courage
  • The Quattro! Noooooo!
  • Nice timing boys
  • 'He's killed my Quattro!'
  • The Railway Arms! Nelson!
  • Awww... Chris and Shaz back together again
  • I feel this is the last we're to see of Ray, Chris and Shaz
  • Life on Mars!
  • Was that the three of them passing over?
  • I so hope Alex gets home...
  • Oh man, Alex....
  • Gene quite literally standing up to his demons.
  • Alex is dead...
  • And she can't stay with him. *cries*
  • Bye Alex...
  • The end of the show belongs to Gene. How appropriate
  • And Gene is left to carry on his job
  • And it all starts again
  • Heroes - fiitting
  • That was probably the most perfect bloody ending they ever could have done

I'm sad that Alex died but it rather makes sense - she got shot point blank in the face after all. I'm not sure whether Ray, Chris and Shaz really knew what going into the pub meant, but at least they were happy. And Gene starts over once more - both tragic and reassuring.

Also I later figured out what the Queen was for - it was the year Gene died. Seems like he died in the 50's, Ray and Chris in the 70's and Shaz in the 90's.

The Wizard of Oz analogy was clear too and worked really well.

I'll say it again, but that ending was completely perfect.
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