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Soil? Where we're going we don't need soil...

I always rather liked the idea of growing stuff but I wasn't too keen on, you know, gardening.

I LOVE technology though and what do you get when you combine these two together....?

Exciting hydroponics goodness!

Here is the machine in question, the Power Plant Mini:

This is only the baby one so it's not that big. Inside it looks like this:

The seeds (and they can be any old seeds) go inside the sponge which has a slit down the middle. Then you fill the entire pot with water mixed with nutrients. You can see at the bottom there is a pump with a series of holes that constantly puts water through the sponge. You plug it in, cover the top and wait...

And wait at least a week longer than the box says if it's grey and miserable and your plants can't get any light. Also, you see just how many non-viable seeds you get in a typical commercial packet. Anyway, after finally getting some light and heat on the thing, the magic started and two weeks later I have this:

Grow my pretties!

This is spinach. Baby spinach. The right hand one has a bit missing because mum held one of the guinea pigs too close and he decided it looked tasty. I suppose that's a seal of approval though.

This is some kind of parsley. Either Italian giant leaf or some variety of curly. I'm not sure which because I put both in.

So far, so good!
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