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New Year, New Journal, New Doctor...

Well, 2009 you were just full of stress and worry for me mostly so bloody good riddance to you.

Hi, 2010! Let's hope you and me get on better.

In keeping with the fresh start theme, I've completely restyled my journal. I found an really old S1 theme I liked but I wasn't going to switch to S1, so I've coded the CSS for this pretty much from scratch and just used the one I liked as basic inspiration. It's taken me a good couple of weeks but, hey, I can do CSS now!

And finally, new Doctor.

Wilf was the perfect companion for the Doctor in this episode, the old solider able to empathise with what the Doctor was going through. Their exchange on the ship was just amazingly poignant. And then we got Wilf kicking arse on the laser gun and finally him not wanting the Doctor to sacrifice himself to save his life. Cribbins was utterly brilliant throughout.

Donna. Ah Donna. I loved the symmetry of ending with her wedding since we started that way. I loved that she's showing signs of growing. I loved the Doctor referring to her as his bes friend. I really hope the Time Lady Wilf saw was Donna, as the Doctor's little look suggested.

And for all the other, Mickey and Martha was a bit 'wtf?! What about Dr Tom?!' but I liked it all the same. A guest appearance on Torchwood wouldn't go amiss for those two. Captain Jack seemed to get out of his funk very quickly when he met Alonso (yay! Alonso was back as a surprise). I'm sure the angry Jack/Ianto fans are sharpening their pitchforks as I type but for me it just summed up the nature of Jack. Sarah Jane seemed to understand what was going on and why the Doctor had come to see her. And Rose was...well, there. But at least Billie could talk this time.

And Tennant. Oh, I salute you sir for a fine tenure as the Doctor and I shall miss you terribly. Your final line utterly broke my heart. Shame we couldn't have seen you for one Moffatt series but I look forward to Matt Smith.
Tags: doctor who, graphics, rl, tv
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