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14 July 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Fangirling Saturday here I come!  
Got mine and kharma2815 's tickets for London Film and Comic Con. They are pretty and shiny as always. It's a shame to hand them over.

Now just have to:

a) Make a list of people I want to meet in order.
b) Finish the Captain Archer plushie so Scott can sign his label. Only the hair to go but that can be a bit tricky. I got the rest of it finished at the weekend but didn't have time to complete the whole thing. Which is annoying because during the week I am knackered most evenings and doing anything is a struggle.

Pity I can't make it up there on Sunday too because there's a few people only there that day which I'd like to meet (like Eve Myles) but we've got relatives down and I've got to pack for my three day holiday next week.

Current Mood: determineddetermined
Dunedune_drd on July 14th, 2009 08:01 pm (UTC)
Would love to go as well... have fun!
with_apostrophe: Original Gorgeous geekwith_apostrophe on July 14th, 2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
a) Very organised!

b) Sounds fantastic! Hope it goes well, and you're not too exhausted to finish it.

If you guys want to meet up give me a call. I'll be going Saturday. If not - no worries.

Are you doing photo shoots with anyone other than Scott?
doylefan22: star trek - planet implodeddoylefan22 on July 14th, 2009 08:52 pm (UTC)
*points at your icon*

With him! :D

Yes, of course let's meet up. I want to get there for around 8-8:30 ish. What time you arriving?

Edited at 2009-07-14 08:52 pm (UTC)
with_apostrophe: Original Gorgeous geekwith_apostrophe on July 14th, 2009 09:11 pm (UTC)
8.30ish sounds good. I've just checked and there's no planned engineering works (there have been for the past few weeks) so it's easy for me :D.

I'm considering seeing if there's photo op for MS on the day. Comes down to £s in the end...
doylefan22: Boromir's Phonedoylefan22 on July 14th, 2009 09:22 pm (UTC)
I've got tickets for Scott's and Michael's photoshoots and Scott's talk. He's so rarely over in England that I didn't want to miss out.
with_apostrophe: Stupidwith_apostrophe on July 14th, 2009 09:34 pm (UTC)
Tickets for the talk? I guess this is not a free one then? Saw a reference to it on the site, but no info at all about bought tickets. Am confused!
doylefan22: dw - doctor dragdoylefan22 on July 14th, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Scott's talk is a paid one. Similar to Patrick Stewart's last year.
keeping it vaguely imaginary...: Blimey // obi_wansgirl / www.weebls-stuf__kali__ on July 15th, 2009 04:19 pm (UTC)
One year I will get to the LFCC. I was definitely going to go this year, but what with everything else, spending two days standing about in queues filled me with woes. Next year, I'll definitely go next year.
doylefan22: captain jack sparrowdoylefan22 on July 15th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
You must.

You could even bring Cheddar - must get them started early in the ways of fandom.