Merry Christmas!
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Many festive things...

Cards from fandom friends

Presents wrapped for family:

And me looking daft in a hat:

Off round my brother's now for Christmas Pt1. Dad is on night work tonight so we're having our Christmas Day here tomorrow.


So in the last two weeks I have...
merlin - morgana snow
Done mostly Christmassy things!

~ Finished work with the traditional Christmas Entertainment ending. I have seen way too many teenage boys in drag...

~ Put up the Christmas tree! We had an epic quest to find suitable lights (got some, didn't like them, took them back, found others, liked them, decided we needed more of those...). But in the end it is looking prettier than ever:

- Received cards from __kali__ (plus a pretty giraffe charm thing! so cute!), dune_drd, morbid_sparks, faith_less_one, etmuse, kharma2815 (plus something knitted and squidgy! yay!), flipbfc (plus Merlin goodies - she knows me too well!) and fly_to_dawn (the cutest hand made card with the sweetest message inside. She's so adorbs!).

THANK YOU EVERYONE! You're all so lovely. *snuggles*

~ Finished off the Christmas cross stitch I was doing for mum. She really likes traditional Christmas imagery and so she loves this:

Cut for larger pictureCollapse )

~ I spent my first weekend off in Birmingham with flipbfc, Irish Kate, steviesun and __kali__ so we could watch their panto and sample the delights of Christmas Market. Firstly, the panto was very funny. Brian Conley was playing Buttons and watching him using some of the old skits from his TV series was like being a kid again. There was also an adorable pony and a very clever horse. We may go back next year because they're doing Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates and frankly we're intrigued as to how that's a panto. The Christmas Market was too full of goodies - include tiny cinnamon pancakes of Christmassy goodness! 

~ Then I spent today making Christmas cupcakes, I did try one after - as a good baker has to - and they are like very light Christmas cake. Yummy!

~ One thing I haven't done: wrap presents....oops...I should probably do that tonight!

Simply having a sort an organised time...
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Okay, I have spent the last few days trying to get myself organised. As such...


I have them, you may want them.

Leave your name and address below (I'm not proud, I really will send them to pretty much anyone since I get to listen to music and drink mulled wine whilst writing them). Comments are screened obv.

If you have a post of your own that I have missed, link me please!

Some of you will be getting cards regardless because I still have addresses from last year. Some of you will be getting cards when I see you for panto (and how is that so close?!)

So the rest of my busy weekend...
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And the rest of the post I was too lazy to write decided was too long...

gnimaerd had wandered her way down from Scotland (apparently she missed us or something :p) so several of us met up in London for more shenanigans. I met her and kepp0xy at the station and then we headed off to go skating with dinosaurs. Well, skating at the Natural History Museum. TFL tried to stop us by shutting Kings Cross tube, but we thwarted them by understanding the bus system and making our way there.

gnimaerd and I went skating whilst kepp0xy took pictures (and smiled at random strangers), before getting bored of us being amazing and not falling over and went inside. gnimaerd and I meanwhile caught up with some chatting, which was nice, and solved the current stress issue in the country by designing the soap box system to be placed outside parliament (which I needed after this week).

fly_to_dawn and such_heights met us then so we could go wander around the dinosaurs.I impressed kepp0xy with my dino knowledge and we all decided that a mash up of Katie McGrath's new film and Jurassic Park would be awesome ("I'm trying to cook Christmas dinner and there's dinosaurs in the kitchen!"). I also learnt that the iguandon was in fact a ninja assassin. I will NEVER look at it the same way again.

After a quick visit to the giant sloth we decided to head back the kepp0xy's. This journey involved writing two epic AUs of Merlin (one where everyone was dinosaurs, one where Merlin and Gwen ran off together and Morgana had Eleanor and Vivianne round to spring clean Disney princess style and get her out of black). We also went through all the t-rex dilemmas - all the things that t-rex can't do because of his tiny little arms. This is why he's so angry people! It is now a fabulous Tumblr which everyone should check out.

la_esmerelda joined us in the evening for wine, pizza and watching Merlin. An episode that made us all either angry, upset or upset and angry because Arthur was such a dick and was too involved in his own manpain to care about what he was condemning Gwen to. The show didn't even acknowledge this although I can't say I'm surprised...

Anyway, we all ended up in a heap on the floor until 11:30 and then headed off to where we were staying (me with gnimaerd in a surprisingly comfy single bed but with irritatingly noisy European tourists).

Next day I met up with kepp0xy and fly_to_dawn for breakfast hunting and then wandering around Foyles going 'I WANT ALL OF THIS'. I got off both of them though some good book recommendations which I've added to my 'to read' list. Then we left Foyles because they failed in being able to actually sell anything due to their whole system going down.

We had lunch in Wahaca with gnimaerd and la_esmerelda and ate nice mexican food, admired their spa like toilets, met the campest host ever and laughed at la_esmerelda's attempts to draw dinos. Seriously, where she put the horns on the triceratops was classic. We then popped back to Foyles so books could be brought and I introduced la_esmerelda to 'Go The F*ck To Sleep'. Can't believe she hasn't seen that working in a kid's bookshop... :D

More wandering around London ensued, more berating the fail of Merlin on many issues and we ended up at the nice Christmas market on the Southbank. We rode the carousel. Me horse was called Herbert which clearly makes him the best. Even if we came second behind kepp0xy. Can't figure out how she won...

By then I was REALLY damn cold. To the point of bad pain in my hands and wrists so it was off home before I completely stopped being able to function. Many, many hours of sleep under a giant duvet later and I was much better.

So, all in all, good but tiring weekend. It reminded me just how much I don't like being outside when it gets much below 10C.

Damn this having a life thing is tiring at times
merlin - morgana s4
So I spent a long weekend in a very busy manner.

Friday was a day off in lieu for all the extra twilight training we're doing this year. Fortunately it also happened to be the day that The Darkness were playing in London. Yes, the catsuit clad crazy rockers are back.

Me and the bro toddled off to London. We wandered around Camden and he suddenly realised where I get all my clothes on, appreciated the music shops and was actually somewhat useful in helping me pick out a new top. He wouldn't, alas, try bubble tea but had enough coffee to make him hyper.

We then went across to the Victoria area so he could go to a pilot shop (where you buy pilot stuff, not pilots). It was suited in this very nice but very out of the way street. Not an obvious place for a business but it's hardly as if the pilot shop relies upon people walking passed going 'ah! I was looking for a pilot shop!'.

Then we went to TGIs so he could pig out on ribs (see what I did there?) and we could enjoy their many foods and cocktail menu. He liked a sunset boulevard. And then we went to Dirty Martini and he loved the lychee martini cocktails. Feelings less than manly, I took him to a proper pub and he had a pint to cheer himself up. On the way back to the station I found a mulled cider seller. Not only is mulled cider very nice and sold in handy coffee cups with lids, but the lady behind the counter was very cute and very complimentary about me. I think she'd been drinking her own product but I'm not complaining :D

The short journey to Hammersmith complete, we went, drunk Guinness and rocked out. Damn I've missed The Darkness. They're so much fun and have such sing along songs. And good fans - we made friends with some guy called John who was sitting next to us and on the tube back I helped some drunk guys re-enact his very innocent attempt to mime along to 'Get Your Hands Off My Woman' which nearly led to him being punched at the gig.

The two best bits of the show 1) they played the Christmas song (which is the only proper Christmas song released in the last decade) and Friday Night (which is my favourite). 2) Brian May came out to play with them.


T'was so excited. They played Bareback, Tie Your Mother Down and I Believe In A Thing Called Love. Me and the bro screamed ourselves hoarse.

Incidentally, after the Foo Fighters a couple of years ago, this is the second surprise Brian May that me and the bro have had. We think he's stalking us.

And...I think I'll write about Saturday and Sunday tomorrow or this will be a ridiculously long post.No pics of the Darkness because I only have my phone on me. But have a pic of the cool new dress/top I got:

Tis the season to at least start thinking about the season
despicable me - fluffy!
~ I spent Saturday at Leeds Castle's festive fair, trying mulled wine, buying little craft things and bizarrely watching a bird show with parrots, a hornbill and stork. I also wanted to dive into the giant stand of Charlie Bears they had there and go 'OMG WILL YOU ALL COME AND LIVE WITH ME? I LOVE YOU!'. I didn't tell the stall owner that I had that particular bear but he was called Oh Noes Bear. He looked like the type who simply wouldn't understand internet lingo.

~ Then we went to the local garden centre on the way home, cooed over the Christmas decorations and bounced along to the live choir (as opposed to zombie choir?) they had there.

~ I've managed to be reasonably organised. Or at least as much as I want to be with five weeks before Christmas. Brought some stuff for mum and dad, got ideas for Heidi. Not really thought about Chris yet but he's generally quite easy. I keep getting hassled about doing my own Christmas list. Which is nice but I really haven't had much time. I've nearly finished the cross stitch I've been doing for my mum and there's a wreath I'm crafting for her too.

~ On the bright side at work, pupil who was excluded for brandishing a chair over his head and threatening to break the backs of the AEN staff will be out until at least term 4 (Feb half term). Thank goodness for that. He has hardcore psychological issues and they've at least found somewhere else for him temporarily.

~ I realised how much I'm enjoying this season of Supernatural. So much more coherent and tied together than last series. It feels more like season 3 or 4 again.

So we'll just brush over that whole 6 weeks or so where I didn't post...
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I was too busy. Also too tired. Mostly the latter since the former makes my life sound more exciting than it. And Tumblr is SO much easier to post to that it's distracting.

Anyway, let's pretend that big gap didn't happen.

I am currently kicking the arse of two things: my year 12 students and...well, my own arse. Or arse and thighs. Due to the handiness of myfitnesspal I've managed to get myself down to 9st8lbs. Getting down to 9st9lbs was very exciting (sadly so) because the smallest I'd imagined getting to before is 9st10lbs. So to have that second number not be double figures...

Zumba is my current exercise of choice although with heavier weights than they use. Because I am just that hardcore. It is certainly flattening my stomach slowly but surely and helping with the hip definition. However I have an unfortunate tendency to hold all my weight on bum and thighs in a thoroughly unattractive way:

(Blurry camera pics with no flash apologies)

I really hate the side on width of my thighs. Almost to the point where I can't look at that pic. I absolutely hate it when people call me 'skinny' (and that has happened a couple of times of late). It makes me uncomfortable for two reasons.

Firstly, I don't feel 'skinny'. I still feel chunky in places. I may have a size 10 waist but I have size 12 hips. Which is an improvement because the widest point of my hips was a 14 not long ago but... I'm short so these things notice.

Secondly, I don't want to feel 100% comfortable with my weight because that could lead to complacency. Which could lead to laziness and other such things. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid 'omg, I'm so fat!' still but being marginally displeased keeps me on the straight and narrow. It makes me get up and work out when I can't be arsed. It makes me eat the right number of calories in a day (sticking to net 1200-1400 is far easier than I thought).

So the upshot of all this is I've cut the cardio by ten minutes and I've got 10 minutes of toning stuff in inside. My butt and thighs currently ache. I take this as I sign that I am whipping those bitches into submission.

I'm not allowed to release spoilers or they'll send the dragon after me
Merlin - Morgana/Morgause smile
Saw the Merlin premiere last week however since they asked us not to leak details on the internet I won't be except for the following non-specific things:

- The whole show looks dark and epic.
- Morgana looks incredible and she's still my fave by a long way.
- Gwen/Lancelot has so much more sexual chemistry for me than Gwen/Arthur
- Gwaine is full of lols
- Not as funny though as Percival's arms. I have never seen a man 'arm act' like that before. (kepp0xy and I will not be able to watch any of his parts in the rest of the series without laughing)
- Arthur remains the worst judge of character known to mankind and Merlin continues its tradition of random relatives appearing from no where.

Apart from the episode being very good (we only saw one because they just finished that at 14:30 on the day they were showing it to us), I got to see gnimaerd, la_esmerelda and kepp0xy again, all of whom are just as lovely and fab as ever. During the Q&A myself and gnimaerd had a wonderful miming convo with Katie and Angel whilst they were on stage (we were in row 2). Those girls know who their fans are. :D We were 'talking' about the dolls that I made for gnimaerd's birthday which looked like this:

That's Morgana's season one promos outfit and Gwen's date with Arthur season 3 outfit.

I got to ask a question in the Q&A again this year but I can't say what yet because it would also be a spoiler. Needless to say, I was very happy with Katie's answer. That woman understands her character so well and is completely on side to showing her motivations and her softer side.

After the showing we didn't bother hanging out for autos (there was no proper signing and the cast were going back to Cardiff for filming). Instead we went and drank, ate and giggled until we all had to part ways.

Not that I'm counting...
Merlin - Morgana/Gwen distance
~ 4 days at work done, 116 to go :p So far things are so good. Stuff seems to be coming together and the classes I've got are fine. I am NOT looking forward to the last one I have tomorrow though. Fingers crossed they aren't as bad as I feared. My apprentice from last year is back and me and my colleague are going to whack him one if he complains one more time that he's too tired and he hasn't got time to do things. TOUGH! And welcome to teaching. The irony being that he doesn't really have that much to do - he has to sort out lessons for his Year 12 class. Beyond that the work is all pre-supplied.

~ The seem to be a LOT of good guests at London Collectormania (or whatever the hell it's calling itself). This may certainly be worth a visit.

- Little George is doing fine. Vet was pleased when she saw him in his post-op visit. He went back in the other day because the wound area is swollen but they said it is just fluid build up and will gradually drain. Stitches are due out on Tuesday. Here's how he was looking the other day:

In mildly more WTF news, the histology came back - it was a harmless fatty lamp. ARGH!!!!! On one hand, yay that means there's nothing nasty there. On the other after all that damn stress... Still, the vet let me read the histology report and they said it was quite dense for a fatty lump and so they could understand the cautious approach.

~ Ainsley Harriott cup soups are LOVELY. So full of noms and not full of calories. Today was French Onion. So tasty. Wild mushroom tomorrow I think (okay so that's not very exciting but I have to have something to keep me going at work!)

~ Had an idea I love for a Merlin AU. May already be planning to sign up for next year's paperlegends big bang. Oh dear.

And now I'll be over here collapsed in relief...
family guy stewie score
Little George made it through his op okay. In fact my many near heart attacks throughout the day, waiting for them to phone me were probably worse than anything he went through.

We took him in at 8:15am and they told me to ring at 2pm for an update if we hadn't heard anything. When I rang at 2 he was actually only just about to go in for surgery. Got a phone call about 3:30pm to say he'd come round find and had been eating within 30mins which was excellent. We picked him up at 5:30 and he was surprisingly lively and bright.

I had to get some supplies for keeping him and Fred separated, namely some mesh to put down the cage between them. George did not like that at all - he was rumbling at Fred through the mesh, trying to get at him and be dominant as always. They both seem perfectly content with each other still though so I don't have too many worries about reintroducing them.

George has been eating well, snoozing as usual, grooming and strutting around. Basically, he barely seems to realise he had anything done. He doesn't seem bothered by the stitches and I'm not actually entirely convinced that he is flexible enough to get at them but the wound looks very clean and neat so far.

He's back to the vets of Saturday morning for a check up and to see if he'll need any antibiotics.

So, fingers crossed and touch ALL the wood that he'll be okay now.

Thanks to everyone who wished him well and tried to stop me freaking out today. But at least it's all over now, I can relax a bit.

Oh and go back to work tomorrow.

Little George says thanks too!


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