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George went back to the vets today. The lump kept going up and down so he decided to do a fine needle aspirate to take some of the material and test it. Piggie was back with us a couple of hours later with a swollen lump where it had been prodded, but otherwise fine.

Vet phoned back this afternoon to say they'd found some precancerous cells in it and basically he recommeded having it removed. George is going in on Thursday morning.

I'm concerned, of course I am, because of the anaesthetic. He's young and fit and the lump is easy to get up but still... I mean, if it doesn't come out he's got no chance and this will develop and kill him so it's better to do it now whilst he's well. Mum is so upset though. She really adores that guinea pig.

The fact that SHE'S so upset is upsetting me more than anything. I really don't want to get a phonecall from the vets telling me he didn't make it and I have to tell her.

It's also playing havoc with my anxiety. It was originally triggered by situations I couldn't control (two car accidents) and so worrying about something that I can do absolutely nothing to help is really bad for me. I feel bloody awful at the moment quite frankly and am desperately trying to find ways to take my mind off it.
Many people have reassured me that I'm doing the right thing and the chances are he'll be fine, but believing that almost seems to be tempting fate.

*is crossing everything*
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~ Two days after asking for my replacement camera it has arrived and so far so good. Now I can connect it up to the PC, stick the card in it and get my Disney photos off of there. I do have a card reader but it is somewhat temperamental. Fingers crossed this camera keeps working because it is great when it does and I don't want to have to pick another.

~ I don't want to be too optimistic in case I give myself false hope but I think George's lump is going down. It still feels around the same diameter but it feels more squishy and less pronounced to me. Hopefully the vet will agree on Tuesday and it'll just be more anitbiotics. He said it may need two lots.

~ Spent the last day and a bit making hair for lil dolls. This is my least favourite part because it means threading on about 60 individual strands of wool  per doll and then unravelling each one before filling in any bald spots.

~ Doctor WhoSpoilers (obviously)Collapse )

~ I've hacked and slashed together my own Zumba workout from the routines I actually liked. Let's see if this is any good.
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24 August 2011 @ 08:35 pm

I wasn't being slack on posting, honest. 3 days at Disney and then 4 at Alton Towers and then me finishing and submitting my paperlegends entry left me unable or too damn tired to update.

More about my trips tomorrow (after I sort through the pictures). In the meantime...

~ As I said, I finished my paperlegends entry and I'm somewhat proud of it. People seem to be reading the whole thing at least which is good! It's no Arthur/Merlin or Arthur/Gwen so the audience for it is rather small in fandom but the feedback has been good. And I had some lovely artwork for it courtesy of shan_3414. My beta also really helped me with some consistent writing issues/weakness that I have so I have some techniques for dealing with those now and a checklist of things to watch out for which will be REALLY handy in the future. I'm working on something original and at the same time pottering away on some prompts that sweetveritas and lovepb kindly supplied me with.

~ Went flying with dad. We could only have the plane for a couple of hours so it was a quick pleasure flight around the county. We got delayed leaving because the Battle of Britain Memorial flight were in the area and wanted to do a mini display for the fun of it. Which was actually rather fab since I got to stand in the plane whilst dad refuelled watching the Lancaster fly literally right over my head AND listen to them on the radio. We had a quick fly around Kent, tried to figure the route out of the Leeds Castle maze and I even flew it for a few minutes (well, I say 'flew'. That's like calling driving on a straight stretch of road at 30mph 'driving').

~ I've been making a lot of lil!dolls. I have many to complete for people and I may even make some to give to Katie and Angel at the BFI screening (mostly as bribery to make gnimaerd give Katie the tee shirt she's had for her for an AGE).

~ The lovely, shiny, awesome new camera I got has had to go back to Amazon because the autofocus broke :( Well it would focus but only at x14 zoom or more... Anyway they have already sent out a replacement so no big deal really.

~ Little George the guinea pig had to go to the vet because he had a lump come up underneath him. The vet said basically it's either an infection or some sort of growth (fortunately the majority of their growths are benign but still worrying). He's given us some antibiotics to give him because he said it felt quite warm and therefore could certainly be an infection of some sort and we have to take him back in a week. I don't know if it's wishful thinking but it does seem to be a little smaller and somewhat more squidgy than it was so fingers crossed. On the bright side he was an exceptional patient (didn't even flinch when he had his temperature taken!) and the vet said he was one of the calmest guinea pigs he'd ever seen. He's got two of his own which gives me far more confidence that he's knowledgeable when it comes to small mammals. George has developed vanity now since everyone kept saying what a beautiful colour he is. He's also pretty good at taking his medicine. Just have to be quick enough to press the plunger on the syringe before he knocks it out of his mouth with his paws :D

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