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Oscar Ramblings

Yay for 'Crash' - Big fan of Paul Haggis what with the Due South connection so pleased to see him do well with a great film.

Yay for Ang Lee - He's got an Oscar at last. He's done better directing work but at least he's now got one.

Yay for George Clooney - He was kind of disadvantaged by being George Clooney. Thought the academy would be a bit too snobby to give it to him but it was well deserved.

Yay for Wallace and Gromit and Rachel Weisz - Rule Britania! Love Weisz. She should have got awards before now. Better than Knightely any day.

Yay for King Kong - Great to see them get the special effects award. Kong himself was an absolute triumph of acting and technology.
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