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Answers on a postcard please; how come if I've got a t-shirt, jumper and cardigan on can I still be sitting here literally shivering? I'm just ridiculously cold all the time at the moment and it's really starting to become tiresome.

On the car front I'm still driving around with a massive dent in the side. It's been looked at by the assessor who did that whistle through the teeth thing to show 'that's going to be expensive'. I can't say I necessarily trust his opinion however as he didn't seem to think you could still get body parts for my car (you can). I also don't think he appreciates the value of it either - used car expert gives the market value as £4000 which is really good for an 8 year old car (the depreciate much better than any other Ford).

I'm still waiting for them to decide about fixing things but that's the issue with dealing with two different insurance companies. I do have confirmation this morning though that the other party has legally accepted liability which is one less thing to worry about. Also means I pay no excess and my no claims bonus isn't affected.

And work? Well the less said about that the better. A never ending pile of marking that I don't possibly see how I can get through and Year 11 boys who can't be bothered to do their work properly even when you spend hours of time and effort marking it and giving them a clear set of instructions to do corrections. Thank goodness for half term, that's all I can say.

So basically this is a pretty fed up post.

At least I'm loving the new Merlin series and Strictly Come Dancing is fabulous as always. A bit of escapism is just what I need.
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