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Because I really needed more hassle right now...

As if work wasn't hard enough at the moment I've been handed a great big load of extra hassle by some complete prat reversing his car into mine.

I was driving along quite merrily on my way to work on Friday when this idiot bloke just reversed very rapidly off his driveway and straight into the rear quarter of my car, giving it a hell of a whack (rattled me around inside it rather a lot too!).

My poor darling car is now utterly battered on one side. Fortunately it is still mechanically sound and drivable but it's going to need a new panel and getting things done via insurance never happens quickly especially when the other party is liable - although he did seem to believe at first it wasn't his fault. Mine then perhaps because I was foolishly driving along the road? Certainly not his for reversing at speed and not looking where he's going...

Also fortunately I haven't been a nervous wreck since. I think, after getting over the initial shock, I was okay because I didn't do anything wrong. There's nothing you can do about the other morons on the road...

And now I have a horrible cold again from the diseased kids I deal with.

The really sad thing about my life at the moment is the highlight of my week is my Saturday night Merlin/Strictly Come Dancing double bill. If anyone finds the life I used to have could you send it back to me?

I think I'm going to go right a Merlin mini-fic and lose myself in fandom for a while...
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