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Oh I feel so special

You know you see all the wank in fandoms and just observe it from a distance? Well, this time I'm actually part of the wank. Go me.

It seems some guy has, in the course of publishing his unofficial TW guide, nabbed bits from people's LJ reviews and put them in a fan comments section. Apparently something of mine is in there.

To be honest I don't really mind that much and it's nice he thought something I wrote was worthy of telling other people, although I do think he's done himself no favours by not having the sheer manners to tell people he's using their stuff. The way he's reacted to people saying 'oi no!' is silly too. The man clearly has no sense of PR.

I'll have to check it out in Forbidden Planet when I go to London for a course on Monday. Not that I'll be buying it, I'm just intrigued to know what he found so interesteing.

I seem to distantly recall stuff from my LJ has ended up in a fandom book before. I think it was a DW one but I can't remember what it was.

On the subject of wank, JKR has won her lawsuit against silly Lexicon man. I don't really keep up with the ins and outs of HP fandom so I don't know how this has gone down in general but I'm happy about that. Making a site for fan reference is one thing, making profit off it is quite another.

Oh, and in a moment of 'WTF?!' today I accidentally read the headline 'Blaze destroys Fleetwood Pier' as 'Blaze destroys Fleetwood Mac'.....
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