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Why hello thar poor neglected journal!

Back at work and I'm already knackered. The falling asleep at 7pm knackered. Hopefully this week will be better because I have more frees - they're kind of uneven in that I have 7 in a week B and 3 in a week A.


On the yay side:

- Tate and Simm may be coming back to DW for the specials. I'd love to see Donna back (although in a way I think it would be better if she didn't return until sometime in series 5 - but if DT is leaving at the end of the specials I don't think it would be the same seeing her with another Doctor). Simm was great as the Master but I think this one is less likely only because RTD said he'd left it open for someone else to bring back. Now we know he's prone to telling porkie pies but to me it seemed he was done with the Master storyline.

- I found some Chunky Monkey! Bless you Tesco. Tis the supreme Ben and Jerry's flavour in my opinion. And even if I guilt trip myself into doing some extra aerobics to 'earn' it, it is so worth it.

- Strictly Come Dancing starts soon. (Shut up, alright. It gets me through those dark winter evenings).

- I saw Hellboy 2 and it was fab.

On the non-yay side:

- The timetable is still screwed. One afternoon last week I was down as teaching 106 Year 13's. Would have been interesting.

- Our year 12 ICT class is now 20 pupils which is far too big. Bigger than many of our lower school in fact. We ended up with 5 girls from the girl's school being sent over to do it which we didn't know about until they turned up. We also had loads of people who came into our Sixth Form from other schools wanting to do it but it didn't fit in their timetable. We were told we didn't need two classes this year. Me thinks they were wrong.

- Some Year 7's still have no ICT on their timetable.

- Lewis Hamilton was robbed of the Belgium GP win by idiots.

So overall not bad then.

Random fact - If you have two feet did you know you're above average? Apparently there are more people in the world with less than two feet for various reasons than with more, hence the average is 1.8. And ironically enough QI is just starting on Dave. Just call me Stephen Fry's warm up act.

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