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What I did with my weekend - part 1...

I would have posted about this earlier in the week if it wasn't for the fact that SP3 killed my version of Windows, causing me reinstall the OS which meant the account my files were on no longer existed and the only way to get permission to them was to log in in safe mode and slowly transfer them to my external HD...

Thanks Microsoft!

Anyway....What I did last Saturday...

The Doctor Who Exhibition

Having been so many times to this thing in different places now that I've actually lost count, I wondered if there'd be anything new and exciting there, but the bro wanted to go and he hasn't been since it was originally on Brighton Pier so...

Actually it turned out there was some new, nice stuff...

They'd made the opening, rather industrial looking corridor look at much like Henricks as they could which was a great little touch.

The opening exhibit was the TARDIS and 10's clothes. They also had the bright idea of recording a bit of David and then projecting it onto the model's plastic face. An idea that I'm sure would have worked a hell of a lot better if they'd tried to align the face a bit better. As it was, one of his eyes was in his hair line and it looked like he'd had some kind of terrible accident.

He's not new but I can't resist a Face of Boe picture.

The Cat Nun is not new either but I've never seen one that looks like it's been kicked up the arse before.

The monster only liked by that kid off of Blue Peter who designed him.

For the first time they had an interesting behind the scenes look on how they make the monsters, focusing mainly on the Ood. Here's a couple of concept heads. They were a lot nastier looking than the real thing turned out.

Big Ood mold sans tentacles. Each one was made to fit a specific actor. I'm sure many lols were to be had from people getting the wrong head.

Old David skin. Ewwwww....

What you'd find if you dissected an Ood. The bro asked how the actors see out, my guess was 'they don't'.

In a move to please the fangirls, there's a detailed description of 10's clothes. No mention of how his trousers fasten though, but I guess they figured we knew that...

Even the much maligned blue suit gets some love.

Donna! The bro wondered how CT's ample bosom possibly fitted in there.

Last time I was at the exhibition the Ood were off filming Planet of the Ood...

We are giants in the TARDIS! Or the Doctor, being a typical bloke has exaggerated and it's actually smaller on the inside than he makes out.

You see that middle one? Not a model. That's a bloke in a suit. He seemed to take great delight in stomping towards unsuspecting members of the public. In fact there was quite a gaggle of sniffing children standing around the corner telling mummy and daddy that they didn't want to go in whilst said parent exasperatedly tried to explain the concept of 'man in the suit' to them. Call us cruel but we did laugh a bit at that. Not as funny though as when he and his cyber friend stomped off for a toilet break...

Where's all the Judoon head's though, that's what I want to know? You always see just the armour at these things.

Of course they put this in the darkest corner possible and then flashed a light on it...

David and Freema's HN/FoB outfits. These made me squee like a small child for some reason.

The teeny, but nicely detailed escape pod.

An 'underused and only really in the show to give Martha something to do' fish man.

I don't suppose you really should laugh at the Sontaran's but....well look at him! He's got little man syndrome. It's like a race of Richard Hammond's.

Yeah we've seen Dalek's before but I really liked this picture.

Another costume I'm not convinced the guy's could see out of.

Banakaf....Bananalaf....Bankalfa....Yeah, him.

Yep the show is that good it can make a plastic skull in a pair of baggy white overalls look scary.

In the gift shop (yay! gift shop!) I brought some postcards, an exhibition guide and a buil your own TARDIS kit. I've been building it today. It has moving parts and it's mahoosive! Piccies when it's finished.

Anyway, after some lunch and a few drinkies (the bro started on woo-woos, decided it wasn't manly enough and moved to beer, whilst I stuck with a lovely bellini cocktail) we headed off to the IMAX to see the Dark Knight...

The Dark Knight on IMAX




That is quite literally what most of the audience said when this film started. There was an audible 'woah!' at the sheer size and quality of the IMAX shots. Absolutely breath taking. They filmed all the city shots and certain sequence in the IMAX format and it was very clear which ones. On the panoramic shots you could see inside all the skyscraper windows, look at the furniture etc...

As for the film itself, well it was third time round for me and it just gets better. Getting past Ledger you come to appreciate just how great the other three are - Caine, Freeman and Oldman. They're such a big part of what makes this film brilliant and are some completely their characters. They deserve more credit. Freeman's calmly amused dismissal of the blackmailer is one of the best lines of the film for me and delivered perfectly. Caine is incredibly charming and brings such a wonderful, down to earth warmth to Alfred. I like the idea Nolan has that he was a former secret service man, hired by Wayne because he wanted someone tougher than your average butler. I still want to see his cut lines from the party scene with the Joker because it did seem odd that he disappears from the action. Oldman just absolutely inhabits Gordon. There is something so incredibly realistic about his portrayal and the character really is the unsung hero of the movie.
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