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Another year and yet more leaks...

Not that I'm complaining that the first episode of SGA is available three weeks early, but that is pretty lax of them.

Anyway, spoilery comments...

- OMG! Rainbow! Well I suppose they can’t be accused of forgetting him completely. It was great that they managed to keep that mini cameo a secret. I'd like to think that this is a hint that they'll continue with that storyline in the not too distant future (because we all know in sci-fi that if someone doesn't die on screen then they're not dead...and even then it's often debatable...) but I think that's probably wishful thinking..

- Hear that squee? That’d be the whumpers having an absolutely field day.

- Yay, more Lorne! Which is always a good thing. I'm glad he's starting to get more of a character now. Hope that broken leg doesn't keep him out of action too long.

- The fly through space to Michael’s ship was clever but it seemed like an unnecessary CGI show off and somehow didn’t seem to fit with the style of the show...

- The new credits: Rachel finally gets second spot on the credits (after a noticeable gap where Amanda/Torri used to be), Jewel left me ‘meh’ as I still think her character is a wet blanket with little interesting to offer, but Robert was certainly a 'yay' (love to hate Woolsey).

- You know, seeing her so wonderfully competent and believably in charge, I’m going to miss Sam in a way. She never forced herself on the show if that makes sense. She just fit very smoothly in.

- Michael getting funny about Teyla questioning her own future ‘I hope you would have understood’ – why does he care? Does he actually almost give a damn about her after all? Interesting...

- Sheppard's injured but determined to go on the mission anyway. I REALLY didn't like that storyline in the slightest. It was stupid and made other characters look like idiots. If he was THAT injured he wouldn’t be running around on daring rescue missions. So was it not as bad as Keller made out? And if it was she should have stuck to her guns and told him ‘no way’. It just makes her look weak. I hate to say it but I couldn't imagine Carson ever letting him go off like that. Sam's reaction bugged me even more. She's be at this a long time and I really thought she'd kick his arse back down to the infirmary and go on the mission herself. It would have been a great last hurrah for her on the show and we wouldn't all be scratching ours heads wondering why everyone suddenly got so dumb. I'm sure she sympathises greatly with his need to help but thinking of Teyla's wellfare, it makes more sense to send a fully fit team. It doesn't matter how much Sheppard wanted to help, he was a liability more than anything. The storyline would have made sense if they were alone, in the field with no help and no choice, but not here. Bad writing imo.

- On the bright side, I like that Sheppard has so much respect for Carter. Nice moment.

- Leaving Rodney with the woman in labour? Couldn’t you just see where that was going? It was very sweet though. Well done Rodney for pulling it together and well done Teyla for keeping him calm!

- Oh Rodney, look at you, walking through the ship, all competent with your gun. I’m so proud.

- John + baby = that sound you’d be hearing are women all over exploding in gooey piles of 'awwwww!'.

- The ending moment in the infirmary between John and Teyla was really nice. The shippers won't agree with me but I thought it was a pure friendship moment. I have no problem with John/Teyla shipping and I see moments like that all the time, but I don't think this was necessarily one. A lot of respect between the two of them and I liked that, imo anyway, they did care and love without any sense of sexual tension between them. Especially since we can assume Kanaan survived and is now with her. Which I'm surprised about because he seemed to have 'dead' written all over him.

- Last but not least, nice Vega introductory cameo. it was good that she wasn’t forced into the episode too much and was just a useful extra.

Overall, a good opener which would have been great had they dropped the stupid 'Sheppard's really injured' subplot. 7/10
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