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Foo Fighters! Wembley! *flails*




Really was an absolutely incredible show. We were sitting a little way back on the right hand side of the stage although bearing in mind the height of the stage and the fact that the stage rotated, we probably had a better view than most.

Apparently the Foos biggest show ever and Dave was on fine form. The setlist was similar to the one we had at the O2 in November with one major difference - we had Led Zeppelin last night.

THE Led Zeppelin. Well two of them anyway (Jimmy Page!!!). They played two songs in the encore, one with Dave on drums and Taylor sing and another where they swapped back. Awesome. And Dave bless him got quite choked up about the whole thing.

My other highlight of the show was 86,000 people singing My Hero with just Dave and his guitar. An incredible crowd moment.

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