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So, catching up on all the TV...

Managed to finally catch up on everything I didn't see in the last week...

Torchwood finale


Brilliantly done apart from Gray who was appallingly acted. I still can't see Jack's reasons for keeping him alive - what does he think he's going to be able to do? How can he possibly help? And just how many were killed by his actions?

Owen and Tosh's deaths were so well done. Absolutely cried buckets. And, no, they shouldn't be brought back as this would lessen the impact of what happened although it's worrying that the show has lost by far its two best actors. I wonder if the rumours about Martha (replacement doctor) and Mickey (replacement tech/computer specialist) are true...

Doctor Who 4.01

Pretty nice start to the series. A good reintroduction to Donna and I loved the series of near misses between her and the Doctor before they finally 'meet' through the glass (which was genuinely lol funny). I figured out that was Rose at the end before she turned round. Couldn't say I was exactly pleased to see her. I don't want RTD's favourite toy being made out to be the bestest of best things ever for the rest of the series. I'm kind of hoping she doesn't survive beyond the end of this series to close that door once and for all. On the bright side it has rekindled my love for DT.

Doctor Who 4.02

Thought this was one of the best episode in the four new series. Seriously, seriously excellent. Great to see the shots from Cinecitta which gave the episode a whole new depth. Even better to see the friendship between Donna and the Doctor grow. When she put his hand over the lever so they could go out together there was a real sense of true companionship. Donna herself was wonderful, particularly in her arguing with him. Her heartfelt pleas for him to save just one person (so she could feel better about it) was really well played. As an added bonus, DT looked more than a bit yummy in Confidential when visitiing Pompei.

Pushing Daisies

Liked it a lot. It has a similar sort of style to Desperate Housewives in some ways. Am annoyed that ITV are not showing episode 2 and are going straight to 3.

Desperate Housewives

I hate soap operas but I continue to love this show. It remains funny, touching and somehow real amongst all the silliness. The characters continue to be some of the best on TV.
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