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That was cliffhangery liek whoa...

Oh SGA, how I hate thee and ye cliffhanger leaving bastard bunch of writers.

Damn them.

Although on the brightside...

Allies was great ep. I particularly loved a couple of things:

Hermiod - He's such a little bitch to McKay. Now with most Asgard you get the idea they don't know how stuck up they're being, but I always get a feeling Hermiod knows (and loves it!)

McKay and Ronon - At last these two get some decent screen time together! They're so chalk and cheese, their interaction could be great but they've hardly said more than a few sentences to each other every episode. Can't wait to see how it pans out. Hope Shep doesn't turn up too quick - I want to see Ronon and McKay working together to get out of this one.

Is it July yet?
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