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Primeval Fic: A Necessary Evil

Shocking enough I've actually managed to get a primeval100 fic finished before the deadline...

Title: A Necessary Evil
Word Count: 100
Rating: K
Challenge: The ARC
Characters/Pairing: Nick
Warnings: None
Spoilers: 2x06

Summary: He thinks with his head, not his heart.


The ARC. The epitome of professionalism. A well equipped hub of activity, aiding them in defending against and investigating the anomalies.

Nick hated it.

Detested every shiny surface and pane of glass. Loathed every square inch.

To him, it was the vanguard of all that was wrong with this world.

He’d so nearly allowed it to be destroyed. Had considered for moment just letting the bomb go off and allowing the affront to be torn down.

But he needed it. Needed the resources if he was ever going to put things right. And so it got a reprieve.

For now.


Tags: fic, primeval
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