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Because there's nothing quite like jumping on a bandwagon...

A - Age: 26
B - Band listening to right now:
Nothing right now (last one was Evanescence in my car)
C - Career future:
World famous author! (what do mean 'no'? Okay, at least doing better at this whole teaching lark)
D - Dad’s name:
E - Easiest person to talk to:
Myself - I don't answer back and whatever I say I always think it's good idea.
F - Favorite type of shoe:
Pretty yellow heels!
G - Grapes or Grapefruit: Grapes
H - Hometown: Officially Orsett but I lived there all of a few months. Ashford has been my home for as long as I remember
I - Instrumental talent:
Non-existent...Okay I can play two different types of recorder but they're not proper hardcore instruments
J - Juice of choice:
K - Koala Bear or Panda Bear:
Panda (have you not seen that episode of the Simpsons? Koalas are evil!)
L - Longest car ride ever: Here to Manchester - 8 hrs due to bloody traffic.
M - Middle name: Louise
N - Number of jobs you’ve had: Four
O - OCD traits: Does still feeling the need to apologise to soft toys when you tread on them count?
P - Phobia[s]: It used to be heights but I'm not so bad with that now.
Q - Quote: We are all of us lying in the gutter but some are looking up at the stars
R - Reason to smile:
Lovely people, amusing fannish persuits
S - Song you sang last:
One of the songs off the album I was listening to in the car. Don't remember what it was on when I got out.
T - Time you wake up:
U - Unknown fact about me:
I did commentary for one of the Red Dwarf DVDs
V - Vegetable you hate:
Peas (freaky popping little things)
W - Worst habit:
Being impatient with people
X - X-rays you’ve had:
None but I've taken quite a few
Y - Yummiest food your belly likes:
Cheese toasties
Z - Zodiac Sign:
Gemini (just about!)
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