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A little behind the times...

I wouldn't say my bro is slightly out of touch but we just had the following phone call...

Me: yes?
Little Bro: Captain Jack's gay!
M: Er...yes...
LB: In real life!
M: Yes.
LB: They just said on the radio he's marrying his boyfriend!
M: Yup.
LB: I'm shocked!
M: Didn't you know that?
LB: No!
M: How? It's been in every interview he's ever done!
LB: But he's like a good looking bloke and everything. He shouldn't be gay.
M: All the good looking ones are....Where are you?
LB: my van in a layby on the A20.
M: You pulled over to tell me that?
LB: Well I was shocked...

Poor love. Still so innocent...
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