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I had to make myself a new tag...

I needed a 'dreams' tag because sometimes they're too amusing (and random) not to share.

Last night's one was Dougie Henshall (of Primeval fame) was working in my school as a fellow teacher and we had a nice chat. I just woke up thinking 'that was so awesome! I love that guy!' - been a bit of a fan of his work for many years and I'm still surprised he's doing Primeval (just doesn't seem his thing).

Back in the real life I went out today and brought a pair of size 12 trousers (how chuffed was I - first time I've been size 12 for a long time and when I weighed myself out of curiosity I've lost 9lbs since the second week in January), some earrings, sunglasses and two pairs of shoes. One of which were these beauties from River Island...

The picture actually makes them look slightly brighter yellow than they are - they're a little bit more mustard than that. I totally covet them. And they're really comfy too.
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