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TW: A word to the wise - if Toshiko ever shows an interest in you, run like hell...

So two episodes of Torchwood this week, one with an added splash of awesome from Doctor Jones...

- Not much plot to speak of, more of  a character piece but nicely done all the same.

- Unpopular opinion ahoy but I though JB was bloody terrible at some points in this - the big emotional scene when he was talking about his brother just wasn't well acted imo. It needed more subtly and depth than he gave it. I love you John but those sorts of scenes aren't your strong point.

- Having said that I liked Jack's back story. Lil Jack was good and I knew we weren't going to get anything about the 2 missing years since that's Moffatt's baby to play with. Jack's brother Gray seems set for an appearance by the end of the series and I wonder what happened to his mum? Did he just leave her to go off to war then to the Time Agency or was she already dead by that point too?

- Why did Jack grow up on Tattoonie?

- Geeky!Owen was utterly adorable.

- Poor Rhys. But at least I suppose he wasn't totally in the dark. And I liked that he trusted Jack's word somewhat.

- Tosh continues to be the death knell for any guest star who gets close to her character.

- I have a liking for dark, twisted and slightly evil Ianto so that was good for me.

- It was good that Adam wasn't evil for the sake of being evil. In fact he was really evil at all, just trying to survive. As he said, he tried to make them better (except when Ianto threatened him of course)...

- The 'I love Rhys but not like I love you' revelation has produced far less wank than I would have expected.

- I'm always a big fan of Jack and Tosh's interaction and his big brother instinct came out again. Bless.


- All rise in respect for Doctor Martha Jones. (Although saying Doctor Jones reminds me of the little kid from Temple of Doom).

- Martha was brilliant, confident, fun, professional and assured. Loved her relationship with Jack and how their genuine friendship and respect was portrayed. I liked her interactions with the others too - Gwen and Ianto especially.

- I love me a bit of protective Jack every now and again. And he really is a one man Martha fan club which is sweet.

- The whole team were brilliantly competent.

- Martha's dating Tom? She has impeccable taste. I wonder if he knows what she really does.

- For the second episode in a row Owen was sweet (I knew that couldn't be a good sign...)

- Tosh has finished off being the black widow of guest stars so has moved on to the main cast instead.

- Jim Robinson played a good evil.

- I liked that Gwen and Ianto were working together but I wish we'd seen more of it.

- Owen is sci-fi dead which obviously not the same as real dead...

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