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More armed bastards than you can shake a Quatrro at...

Well having been at parent''s evening I almost forgot that Ashes to Ashes started tonight. Fortunately I looked at the tv guide just in time.

It was never going to have the impact LoM did and so I liked that they played it totally differently - Alex knowing exactly what was going on worked rather than trying to force that element as a mystery again. Sam's fate sounded oddly suspicious - is he really dead or are we expecting a surprise visit by the end of the series? Does the fact that they didn't find his body truly indicate Sam disappearing from the fantasy when he died?

Alex as a character was likeable enough to make me want to know more about her. The fact that she's really got something to aim to get back to is going to make this more interesting. Although Keeley's Lara Croft voice coming through ever so often did throw me at times. I liked the relationship she had with Gene and I think it was one a lot of women could relate to - do you punch him or kiss him? I suspect a few ladies were fanning themselves a little when he carried her back into the office and then going awww when he covered her with a blanket. Surely he didn't turn into a soft southern bastard though? :D

Looking forward to seeing the changes in Gene.

Oh and the speedboat scene was so Miami Vice.

Nice use of Zippy and George. Should have been some Bungle.
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