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02 February 2008 @ 09:48 pm
Primeval - I must sadly admit defeat...  
Well four episodes in, having given it a chance, I have to admit defeat and say that this series of Primeval isn't a patch on the first. I keep waiting for it to get good the way the first did around episodes 3&4 but it's yet to happen.

This week's effort was fairly solid and I was enjoying it (apart from a few lazy plotting issues) and then they went and ruined it by shooting the stupidest looking end sequence ever.

It was over dramatic, cringe worthy and cliched. Whoever decided to put all that slow mo in should be shot because it actually made me embarrassed for the cast.

Apart from that my only gripes were firstly why they even considered the 'shark' a potential suspect for taking the boy - how did they imagine it climbed through a manhole too small for it, flopped along land, grabbed him and dragged him back in again? Thank goodness Nick at least mentioned that in the next scene. The other thing that bugged me was Abby constantly sticking her head over the side of the boat - she deserved to get it bitten off for that. Oh and we won't ask how Jenny fell overboard and managed to end up about 20ft from the boat almost instantly. ;)

On the brighter side, yay for the Special Forces finally turning up. And none of them died which is a bonus. There was a nice Cutter/Jenny moment back at the ARC too – I suspect it was a conscious decision to have her looking more like Claudia in that moment. I like her but I still want Miss Brown back...I think the show lacks something without the sweet, human interest side of their slowly budding romance.

Rex was there a terribly cute, especially when frozen the poor little blighter.

The new Stephen just sucks – since when has he been a by the books boy? - but at least he's interesting and the tension between him and Cutter adds something to the show. 

The reveal of Helen at the end was nice too - she's been involved too little this series and I hope there's payoff for that by the end.

They got so close to making a really good episode and then ruined it.....*crosses everything that it's better next week*

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Purpleyin/Hans: beliefmissyvortexdv on February 2nd, 2008 10:24 pm (UTC)
The cliff scene and the slow mo (as well as abby mainly flailing about after the rather cool kick initially - but that I'll chalk up to hypothermia) did really dumb down the episode. But apart from those I really liked the rest of the episode. It had great character moments, especially for poor Connor!

I was a bit miffed on them taking the rifles into the water but someone on primeval_itv already addressed that and apparently those gus are fine for it which is nice to see, though might be coincidence more than good research...

Edited at 2008-02-02 10:24 pm (UTC)