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TW 2.02 - The One Where Gwen Is Finally The Character She Was Meant To Be

Well that was a big improvement on the messiness of last weeks effort. James Moran can certainly come back and write more (especially if it's in place of Chibnall who's episodes often seem to be the weakest.

Nice to see a healthy dose of Myfanwy in the opening montage! Doesn’t excuse her not being in the show. And showing us her little cave like that was just cruel teasing.

The plot for the episode was very sound and, unlike last week, flowed smoothly. It seems to be an obvious set up for later stories but still worked well as a self contained piece.

Beth was an excellent character and well played. I was half expecting her ending and half not - at the start I thought she'd die by the end but then I wondered if maybe they would freeze her and bring her back in a later episode. Interesting to see that although she wanted to die she couldn't do it herself. I expected her to stab herself with her arm but then wondered about the logistics of that - not sure she physically could have turned it on herself.

As for Gwen - hurrah! Finally she's the character which her blurb says she's supposed to be. She's being the heart of operation and the human face. Her sympathetic and kind approach to Beth worked much better than Jack's ranting.

Speaking of which he was an utter bastard for most of the episode and that felt a little out of sorts to me. Yes, I understand he's an ex soldier and he's used to doing harsh things to get the job done but I really didn't like his attitude at all. His shouting and bullying method of interrogation achieved nothing with a woman who was obviously terrified, his 'I'm sorry' held no sympathy at all and I didn't like his smug look when he was proved right about her being an alien. They honestly made the usually overwhelmingly likeable Jack a bit of a wanker for most of the episode and that didn't sit well with me. I can understand him being very concerned but I can't see him showing no empathy at all for the woman - it only served to make him look less human than her. Especially when she used her alien powers not to do something nasty but to go and say goodbye to her husband (the tragedy of which I didn't see coming and was very well played). I liked the way at the end Gwen refused his hand of comfort - it was basically a 'f*ck off' to him. He was not the man to be showing her sympathy at this death after the way he acted.

On a brighter note, the shippiness made me smile. Jack and Tosh working together is always so incredibly cute so we can have a lot more of that. I love how much he relied on her in this episode - she was most certainly his go to girl. And she looked fab in the pink blouse and skirt. The almost simultaneous Jack/Gwen then Jack/Ianto part made me laugh - it's like someone wants to fan the ship war flames. Speaking of Ianto, he was fun but kind of superfulous to the actual plot which was a pity. The Ianto/Gwen moment where he offered her his arm was nice. They get precious little interaction of the show so it was good to see - maybe the solution to the ship wars is to chuck Jack out and ship these two instead?

Overall, much better than the opener - 8.5/10

Didn't get to see the trailer for next week's as the bloody BBC were running late and yet still decided to put a load of adverts before the program so I missed the very end part. Still, the synopsis looks massively promising.
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