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Primeval 2.02 - Where they borrow the worms from King Kong

Well it was certainly an improvement on last week. It made me remembered why I liked the show so much last series. Still a few problems but the pacing was much better.

- Nick - I seemed to spend a lot of this episode going 'awww Nick...'. Bless him. He's clearly not coping with not!Claudia Claudia very well. It's quite amazing how he kept his feelings for her fairly close to his chest for most of the previous series and now he's absolutely besotted with her. He keeps a picture of them in his wallet fgs! And it only took her being erased/replaced by an accident of time for him to release how much he likes her....I loved the bit at the end when his first reaction was to ask Claudia if she's all right. His little face when he went to explain it to her at the end and saw her boyfriend/fiance/husband...awww Nick...(I have a feeling this will be my phrase of the series).

- Helen - She seems to have stopped in at the old prehistoric hair dressers – which was a mistake because it makes her look like a boy.  And she apparently stabbed herself in the leg to have an excuse to go and visit Stephen? Well she’s committed, I’ll give her that. (Or she should be). With her stalking Nick at the end this may be an indication that Claudia's disappearance is her doing.

- Nice to see that since the Torchwood writers have neglected to use Myfanwy, she's gotten work on Primeval instead.

- Jenny - Good job by Lucy in making her a different character from Claudia. She's obviously not as smart or a lot more arrogant than Claudia (don't take the lift you daft cow!) She's also a bit of a bitch. The part at the end without all her vamp make up was really messing with Nick.

- Abby’s suddenly jealous of Connor meeting a girl even though she’s barely shown an interest in him before was just weird. I know the two of them are together in real life but that doesn't mean they have to be on the show. And what happened to Abby liking Stephen?

- Talking of Stephen - he has a Spice Girls mug?!


- Aside from the character stuff the plot was simple but fairly decent. I thought they missed a trick with the actual reveal of the worms. They were just there - a missed opportunity for a tense, jumping out of the fog moment.

- Connor with his head in a worm however was much better – genuinely unexpected. And pretty funny.

- And then there was the return of the cleaner who got attacked by a raptor who Connor conveniently left behind so he could be a plot point later. Could be interesting - is he really special forces and was he sent to spy on the team? That would be a better explanation for perhaps why the SF never seem to bother turning up to these incidents any more.

- The best crack moment of the show? Abby kickboxing a worm and Stephen sticking one’s head in the photocopier.

Overall, better than the opener (partially I think because of the Nick/Claudia storyline, partly Helen and partly just a better constructed story). 7/10

Next week looks interesting with the sabre tooth at Thorpe Park. Hopefully it can pick off a few of the chavs that too often ruin the place.
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