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Another one of those things you never expected to hear whilst teaching...

There's a fair few conversations you have (especially when teaching teenage boys it seems) where you think 'you know, I never expected to have having this discussion in my teaching career'. Today was a classic example...

Kid: Miss, can you help me get my phone back?
Me: (suspicious teacher mode activated) Why? Where is it?
Kid:..........In my computer.......
Me: Come again?

Apparently the cover had come off the gap where the floppy disc drive would be and said kid (15 year old who should have known better) joked it'd be a great place to store stuff in like, for example, your mobile phone.....You can probably see how things went from there. Having turned all the power off and eventually got it back I strongly suggested to him (in the nicest possible way of course) that perhaps he shouldn't be allowed to cross busy roads alone and the others should hold his hand...

On a completely unrelated note: Happy Birthday steviesun! Hope it's going better than it was when you posted earlier!
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